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Adjustable Beds

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About Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds help improve the quality of life for many people the world over, particularly those who suffer with mobility issues, sore joints and other ailments that affect sleeping in a comfortable position. Electric adjustable beds help empower people with comfort issues by enabling them to take control of the shape of their sleeping environment.

Simply by pressing a button, the bed can be adjusted to a position that best supports your body, whether it be lying flat down, an elevated sitting position, or somewhere in between. Finding a spot that’s most conducive to reducing pain has never been easier, and the amount of effort required for getting in and out of bed is entirely up to you. There are two main categories available on the market: lifestyle beds and profiling beds.

Lifestyle beds tend to be aimed at those who are looking for an adjustable bed for comfort and luxury, rather than healthcare reasons. Perfect for those who spend long periods in bed, an adjustable bed with a ‘sit up’ function can help prevent long term neck and back pain, whilst providing comfort as you watch television or read in bed.

Profiling beds offer an ideal sleeping solution for those suffering with health issues and ailments such as circulatory problems, emphysema, asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, rheumatism. At the touch of a button, you can achieve a comfortable sleeping position ensuring you have the best night’s sleep possible. When waking refreshed the next morning, you can adjust your position to make getting in and out of bed easier.

Returning home from a long stay in a hospital bed can be made better too, as an electric adjustable bed can help former patients maintain the smooth operation of manoeuvring themselves into a sleeping position.

While providing all the benefits of a hospital bed, unlike in previous years, adjustable electric beds no longer need to look like them. This means you don’t need to sacrifice style for practicality, and can decorate your bedroom with an adjustable bed from a range of colours, styles, or any contemporary look that suits your tastes.

Adjustable Beds Key Health Benefits:

  • Easier access (getting in and out of bed)
  • Better circulation
  • Pain reduction by pressure point relief
  • Improved posture (spinal alignment)
  • Superior sleep

What Is An Electric Adjustable Bed?

In technical speak an adjustable bed, sometimes referred to simply as an electric bed, is a platform for lying down that has multiple hinges allowing it to tilt in favour of either the upper body, or lower part of the sleeper. This customisation permits the user to pitch the mattress at the elevation best suited to their comfort.

Although there are exceptions, as standard these beds feature electric motors and are operated by a wired or infrared handset that affords sleepers to make changes without leaving the bed.

Adjustable Beds Technical Key Points

  • Motorised mechanism
  • Raise and lower the mattress
  • Purposely designed mattress (for best use)
  • Control handset (make changes without getting up)
  • Independently adjustable parts (particularly useful for couples)

Who Can Sleep On An Adjustable Bed?

People With Disabilities

Spending lots of time in bed is the reality for many people with certain kinds of disabilities. An adjustable bed can help relieve the aches and pains of staying in bed for prolonged intervals by affording the user the ability to move position whenever they start to feel uncomfortable.

Being able to improve circulation in this way is a real boon to those who are in bed for these extended periods.

Elderly People

For many, growing older can lead to weak or stiffening muscles, which can make getting in and out of bed harder. By raising part of the bed into a sitting position, an adjustable bed can ease this process, allowing the user to easily shimmy on to the bed, and sit up to swing their legs to the side when getting off.

The slight incline offered by this type of bed encourages pressure point relief thanks to elevating the knees, helping support the user’s natural spine curvature.

Everyone Wanting Better Rest

Beyond aiding with any medically related concerns, adjustable beds are also a great addition to any bedroom where a lot of time is spent reading, watching TV, writing, or even frequently playing host to breakfast in bed. Anyone who sits up in bed for a prolonged period is advised to invest in an adjustable model to prevent long-term neck, back, and shoulder stiffening and pain.

Adjustable Bed Sizes

Choosing the size of adjustable electric bed best suited to you depends on the following factors:

  • What is your budget?
  • Will the size of bed be appropriate for your build?
  • Is this bed for yourself only, or do you sleep with a partner?
  • How much room do you like to have for spreading out in bed?
  • Can the bedroom where it will reside contain the size of bed you want?

Land of Beds proudly offer a wide variety of makes and sizes to help accommodate whatever requirements you may have, so you need not feel constrained with your options. See which of the following adjustable bed sizes suits you best:

Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

Not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. The movement of the bed can easily damage a regular mattress and make it uncomfortable to sleep on, so using the correct type is essential for getting the most out of your investment. We have a wide variety of adjustable bed mattresses in all sizes from single to super king size and tensions ranging from soft to firm, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding the right mattress for your electric adjustable bed.

VAT Relief – Pay 0% VAT On Medical Use Adjustable Beds

While electric beds are growing in popularity as luxury items with those who enjoy the finer things in life, they are also still a vital piece of equipment for many. People with long-term illness or registered disabled are exempt from paying VAT on adjustable electric beds.

Do you qualify for a VAT-free adjustable bed?

If any of the following apply to you, then you very likely do:

  • A physical affliction which has a long-term adverse effect on your abilities for carrying out everyday activities.
  • A mental impairment with long-term adverse effects on your abilities to conduct regular, everyday duties.
  • The condition you suffer from, such as diabetes for example, is treated by the medical profession as a chronic sickness.
  • Purchase of the bed is specifically for assistance with your disability.
  • You have a terminal illness. And…
  • Acquiring an adjustable bed is only for personal or domestic use (although someone else can still purchase it on your behalf).

If you are unsure about your eligibility for VAT exemption visit: VAT Relief UK Government or seek advice from your GP.

If you are eligible, call our sales team today on 01928 242 829 to receive a quote minus the VAT. Even if someone else is purchasing the bed on your behalf, we can still provide a quote minus VAT. Prior to purchase, you will need to complete a VAT exemption form … then the adjustable bed of your dreams will soon become a reality.

Quickfire FAQ

Is it healthy to sleep on an adjustable bed?

Yes, it can be a healthier option for some. Adjustable beds can help improve posture and relieve aches and stresses on the body which leads to pain reduction and better overall health. While it may not be a cure for insomnia, if you are struggling to sleep because of comfort issues then the multiple positions offered by an alterable bed could fix the matter and lead to more refreshing rest.

Can you put any mattress on an adjustable frame?

Although possible, you probably shouldn’t. While some mattresses may fit well on top of an adjustable frame, it is inadvisable to do so as it won’t have been designed to cope with the stresses of position shifting. Some non-purposely made memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses can fare well for a time, but ultimately aren’t really up to the job.

Can side sleepers use adjustable beds?

Yes. Of largest benefit to back sleepers, adjustable beds are also great for side sleepers, as long as they adequately change the position of the bed to one suitable to their sleeping style. Although the positives for stomach sleepers are fewer during sleep, the ability to adjust it for spending waking hours in bed are still all valid.

Do adjustable beds break easily?

No. Adjustable beds generally consist of quite robust frames, although the use of incompatible mattresses can sometimes speed up the natural wear and tear time.

How will an adjustable bed support me better than my normal ‘flat’ bed?

With the ability to set the mattress to an almost unlimited number of settings, you can tailor make your own sleep experience, ensuring the settings provide you with exactly the right level of comfort and support you need. The five adjustable points ensure your head, back, neck, hips and knees are supported at all times, enabling you to achieve a comfortable night’s sleep.

How do I change the positions of my bed?

It is easy to operate the settings using the remote control provded. Our staff are ready to demonstrate how to put your new bed in any position you like.

Do adjustable beds need special bed sheets?

No, any bed sheets can be used on an adjustable bed as long as they fit the size of the bed. To help keep your bed sheets secure when your bed is adjusted, adjustable bed sheets are available.

Useful information:

Knowing you are buying an adjustable bed from not only a reputable brand, but also from the UK’s leading award-winning independent bed retailer, will give you maximum confidence in your Adjustable bed purchase. Give our team a call today on 01928 241285 or email: sales@landofbeds.co.uk to discover how an Adjustable bed can offer a cosy, supportive, affordable choice and help you sleep better. Alternatively, pop into one of our stores today and sample first-hand what makes Adjustable Beds an excellent product choice. The kettle is always on, and a warm, friendly welcome awaits alongside expert bed knowledge.

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