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Our Back Care Range

Check out our 3 best selling backcare products...

  • Special OfferHypnos Ortho Gold Double MattressExperts Choice

    Hypnos Ortho Gold Double Mattress

    Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8
    4.8 (192 reviews)
    FROM£729RRP £1107SAVE £378or £18.31 per month
    2 FREE Pillows, FREE Size Upgrade
    • GUARANTEE: 10 Year
    • TENSION: Firm
    • FILLING: Natural
    • SPRING: ReActive 10 Pocket Spring
  • Special OfferRelyon Ortho Backcare Elite Double MattressExperts Choice

    Relyon Ortho Backcare Elite Double Mattress

    Rated 4.4Rated 4.4Rated 4.4Rated 4.4Rated 4.4
    4.4 (8 reviews)
    FROM£559RRP £899SAVE £340or £14.04 per month
    2 FREE Pillows, FREE Size Upgrade
    • GUARANTEE: 8 Year
    • TENSION: Extra Firm
    • FILLING: Natural
    • SPRING: 1500 Pocket Spring
  • Special OfferSealy Appleton 1400 Double MattressWhich Mattresses March 2015

    Sealy Appleton 1400 Double Mattress

    Rated 4.7Rated 4.7Rated 4.7Rated 4.7Rated 4.7
    4.7 (56 reviews)
    FROM£599RRP £957SAVE £358or £15.05 per month
    2 FREE Pillows, FREE Size Upgrade
    • WARRANTY: 5 Year
    • TENSION: Medium
    • FILLING: Latex
    • SPRING: 1400 Pocket Spring


  • Many of us suffer from a bad back at some point in our lives.

    How you sit, stand, lie and lift can all affect the health of your back. Here at Land of Beds we understand the importance of a regular and consistent sleep pattern and how this can affect your quality of life.

    We also understand the importance of an overall holistic approach to back pain after all, a better back is a better way of life!

    We have therefore partnered with other people in the know, to give our customers an all-round insight into how to alleviate back pain. Through this partnership we are able to provide our back care customers with hints and tips on key back care issues such as Chiropractic advice, relaxation techniques and exercise - whilst also considering which is the best mattress for bad back problems.

    We've Got Your Back!

    Watch our information video and listen to Gillian Smith, trained chiropractor and Backcare specialist, discuss tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

    Gillian, who is one our partnered profesionals, was instore during our Chiropractor open day giving sleep tips and advice to our customers. Watch the video to find out why it's so important to get a good night's sleep, what kind of mattress is best for a bad back and why it's time for you to buy a new bed.

    Meet The Experts

    Gillian Smith

    (BSc Hons, MMCA)


    McTimoney Chiropractic

    Gillian is registered with the General Chiropractic Council, is a member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and a BackCare Professional. As one of our partnered profesionals Gillian regularly carries out drop in clinics in our Cheshire showroom. During these sessions she offers advice on managing back pain and assists the land of beds team to find the right bed for individual needs.

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    Kit Wong


    Master Trainer

    Get Fit with Kit

    Kit is an experienced trainer from the European Institute of Fitness. He has a wealth of experience with helping people with back problems and other ailments. As one of our partnered professionals his principles consist of reduce stress, eat well, train well and rest well. In conjunction with this, Kit regularly carries out drop in clinics at our Cheshire showroom where he provides demonstrations and advice to customers on these principles.

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    Emi Howe

    (BSc, Cert Ed, MFHT, MSMS)

    Advanced Bodywork Therapist

    Helsby Holistics

    Emi is an experienced bodywork teacher and therapist and has helped to improve innumerable back issues in her career. Her favourite techniques are using extreme temperature stone therapy and Hydrotherm massage on warm water pillows, allowing for total muscle relaxation. As one as our partnered professionals Emi regularly carries out drop in clinics at our Cheshire showroom and demonstrates relaxation and massage techniques to help assist with sleep and back care issues.

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    Victoria Lewis


    Back Care Range Advisor

    Land of Beds

    Victoria is an Accredited Advisor from the Sleep Councils Sales Academy. Here at the Land of Beds she is our guru on sleep knowledge. Through her wealth of experience with our products, she is able to offer our customers a variety of solutions to any sleep issue they may have.

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