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Dormeo Headboards

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About Dormeo Headboards

Everything you need to know before purchasing a Dormeo headboard – answered by our bed experts

Here are a few reasons as to why the UK loves Dormeo headboards

Dormeo are a leading supplier, offering quality good to suit all tastes and budgets. Renowned for their quality and durability, Dormeo headboards all come with an extended warranty meaning you can be confident in your purchase.

Dormeo headboards on offer at Land of beds

Whether you are looking to create a bold statement in the bedroom or a more minimalistic look, a Dormeo floor standing headboard will add the finishing touch to your bed whilst providing several practical qualities. In addition to adding extra support and protection to your bed, a Dormeo headboard will also help prevent your wall from being marked or damaged. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, you can be certain to find one to complement your interior.

FAQ Before buying a Dormeo headboard

Will I be able to fit a Dormeo headboard on my current bed?

Yes, providing your current bed size is the same size as the headboard you are purchasing, your new headboard will fit behind your current bed. At Land of Beds, we have Dormeo headboards available in:

If you are considering purchasing a new bed at the same time, you can view the Dormeo collection here.

Do Dormeo headboards break easily?

If cared for properly, your Dormeo headboard should last for a number of years. Dormeo are confident in the quality of their products, offering an extended guarantee with all headboards.

How do I look after my Dormeo headboard?

We advise regularly dusting your fabric Dormeo headboard using a vacuum cleaner or lint roller. Strategically placing your pillows when sitting up in bed will help to prevent oils from your hair ruining the fabric.

Can I get a Dormeo headboard on finance at Land of Beds?

Yes, you absolutely CAN get a Dormeo headboard on finance at Land of Beds, providing your total purchase amount is greater than £250. We have a variety of interest free credit and pay monthly options to help you. Click through to our interest-free-credit page to play around with our Finance Calculator and see what payment options are best for you. Alter the total amount and deposit to find your preferred monthly payment option. Phone application, online application or in store application – choose which suits you best – each only takes 10 minutes or so, and you will soon be on your way to owning the best priced Dormeo headboard.

Useful information for shoppers wanting a Dormeo headboard:

Give our team a call on 01928 241285 or email: sales@landofbeds.co.uk to receive free, impartial advice from the UK’s award winning, independent bed retailer. Alternatively, pop into one of our stores where a warm, friendly welcome and expert knowledge awaits you.

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