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Dunlopillo Mattresses

When it comes to pressure relieving latex mattresses there simply is no better than Dunlopillo. All Dunlopillo mattresses are 100% latex and have one specific aim – to provide sleepers with unparalleled support and comfort ensuring a sumptuous pain free night’s sleep. Dunopillo Mattress is specifically designed to cater every inch of your body’ needs. Each mattress features our 7-Zone 100% Dunlopillo latex that is naturally breathable and ideal for allergy sufferers. It is covered with our new Climazone fabric to help your mattress maintain an even climate, ideal for your sleep. The 7 zones promote the seven most important features to focus on when buying that perfect bed.

  • Smaller perforations in the loin and thigh area for increased comfort
  • Stay fresh and relax with the built –in air flow management system
  • Softer comfort zone to cushion shoulders to relieve any pressure points
  • Extra support in the middle zone to keep that perfect sleeping posture
  • Special ventilation system to allow body heat to escape and to main perfect body temperature
  • Use of latex that encourages healthy blood flow into your muscles allowing you to wake up feeling a lot more refreshed

Enjoy the full range of Dunlopillo mattress products here at Land of Beds – each mattress comes complete with Dunlopillo’s full 5 year guarantee.

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