Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8
4.8 out of 5 (30 reviews)

Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress

Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8Rated 4.8

4.8 out of 5 (30 reviews)

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    • Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress
    • Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress
    • Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress

    Tension Guide

    Available in 2 tensions: Firm, Extra Firm

    Good for side sleepers. The softest level of support.

    Good for side sleepers who require a little more support.

    Good all rounder for front, side or back sleepers.

    Good for people who change sleeping position.

    Good for people who sleep on their front or back.

    6Extra Firm
    The firmest level of support. Also known as orthopaedic.

    Product Features & Benefits

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress from the Hypnos Orthos Support Mattress Collection

    The Hypnos Ortho Bronze mattress has been designed to actively minimise pressure points and to help increase blood circulation allowing your muscles to relax. The independent movement of each individual pocket spring ensures the mattress moulds itself to your entire body ensuring the natural alignment of your spine and total support for your back.

    Mattress Tension - Firm or Extra Firm

    Feature and Benefits:

    • ReActive™ 6 pocket spring system. Every spring has 6 active turns - The more active turns in a single continuous pocket spring the greater its ability to sense the exact comfort and support requirement of you and your partner. A single continuous pocket spring also creates a ‘bellow-like’ affect that drives cool air around the mattress and facilitates greater hygiene. This extra breathability ensures better ventilation, helping to reduce moisture and maintain a comfortable body temperature for a healthy, relaxing and energising night’s sleep.
    • Wool Layer - Wool is used in this mattress as a soft and insulating upholstery layer for added comfort. Wool is a natural insulator providing coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Offering superb comfort, it also has hydroscopic properties encouraging the evaporation of body moisture.
    • eOlus™ Sustainable Fibre - A sustainable raw material re-using discarded polymer-based bottles which helps conserve natural resources, decreases the use of landfill sites and reduces pollution. A unique vertically-crimped design allowing air to pass through it easily, which actively helps to regulate body temperature. A breathable layer that reduces body temperature and moisture quicker than foam, yet with a similar soft feel and sponginess.
    • Silver+ Protection is an anti-bacterial protection. Silver+ is a coating based on microparticles of silver ions. Silver+ combats and dramatically reduces microbial growth providing a fresh and hygienic fabric.
    • Belgian Damask Cover - With a soft to the touch damask cover which provides a soft, fresh and hygienic sleeping surface.
    • 2 Rows of Hand Side Stitching - Traditional hand-side stitching which secures the outer springs to the border at the top and bottom preventing roll-out and is the most highly skilled and labour intensive of all the operations.  Side-stitching is carried out by senior upholsterers using traditional long needles and twine to make borders and edges stronger.  The effects on the mattress are quite dramatic preventing the springs from distorting and extending the sleeping area right up to the edge of the bed to make the borders and edges stronger.
    • Hand-Tufted - The traditional method of mattress upholstery where the fillings are secured by hand with tufts from the top of the mattress to the bottom to ensure all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish.
    • Flag-stitched Handles – Handles on both sides for ease of positioning.
    • Chrome Air Vents - Chrome finished vents to allow good air circulation, regulate temperature and keep the mattress fresh.
    • Seasonal Turn - This Hypnos mattress should be turned ‘Seasonally’ once every 3-4 months. At this time we recommend that you turn AND rotate the mattress. We would also suggest that for the first 3 months of use the mattress is rotated and flipped weekly just to encourage an even settlement of the high quality fillings.


    • Mattress Depth - 26cm

    Hypnos Guarantee

    Hypnos are so confident that they will provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience that they will guarantee this product for 10 years.

    Product Specification
    Brand Hypnos
    Model Ortho Bronze
    Category Mattress
    Guarantee 10 years
    No. of Springs ReActive 6


    Mattress Depth 26cm / 10.2inch

    What's Included?

    Base No
    Mattress Yes
    Headboard No
    * All measurements are approximate and are subject to a tolerance of + or - 2cm
    ** Image is for illustration purposes only
    *** Pillows, cushions, throws and bed dressings not included.
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    Customer Reviews (30)
    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 08/10/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Sleeps great, I recommend.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 22/09/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Amazing product. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 31/08/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    This mattress is so good we bought it twice! Was always a fan of Hypnos mattresses from staying in Premier Inns as they are super comfy and offer great back support. We bought the same mattress for a guest bed and it always had good reviews so knew we wanted the same one when we changed our bed. This mattress doesn't disappoint and can't recommend it highly enough for a good nights sleep.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 30/08/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Feels like you are floating!!

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 22/08/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    So pleased with my new mattress, very comfy to sleep on. Would definitely recommend.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 07/08/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Excellent service, excellent communication. The mattress isn't too bad either! I bought it because we slept on a Hypnos bed at a Premier Inn & I'm not a bit disappointed. Great product

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 02/08/2017 Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4 (4 of 5)

    Firm and ideal for a guest bed.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 30/06/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    The most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on!!

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 19/05/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Excellent matress

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 18/05/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Best matrress ever

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 17/05/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Amazing mattress. Love it. So comfortable and what a great nights sleep. Plus this is a wonderful company to order from. Hassle free delivery and fantastic customer service. I would recommend this company to everybody.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 09/05/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I had Hypnos recommended to me and I am delighted with it.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 12/04/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Very good price service and product

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 29/03/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Really pleased with this mattress which is very comfortable and sleep inducing.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 18/03/2017 Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4 (4 of 5)

    The mattress is good, firm and supportive, very comfortable. Delivery of mattress was on time and the delivery men helpful.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 06/03/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Very good bed - very comfortable.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 09/02/2017 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)


    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 27/06/2016 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Wonderfully comfortable mattress. Beautifully made. Thank you.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 18/04/2016 Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5 (4.5 of 5)

    Lovely. Small gripe. Buttons are so deep might need to put a topper on to stop feeling them through the sheet

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 05/04/2016 Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5 (4.5 of 5)

    The quality and firmness are excellent.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 12/02/2016 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    This is the most comfortable mattress I have had in 73 years! Firm without being too firm but soft enough to give support for my sometime troublesome back. The tufty wool buttons are also comfortable. I think my 10 out of 10 rating says it all. May I also comment on the the professional and pleasant manner of all the people we spoke to from your Company. Elizabeth Broome

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 04/01/2016 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Bought this after several comfy sleeps in Premier Inn, they use Hypnos beds, this isn't the pillow topper mattress they use in their hotels but is still a very good mattress, has a luxury quality feel to it, and I have definitely slept better, no stiff necks or sore backs in the morning.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 14/12/2015 Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5 (4.5 of 5)

    best nights sleep

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 03/12/2015 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    I was very impressed with the service and would place an order again, I did check out a rival's site but didn't like the delivery arrangement leaving at the front door only. I Googled Hypnos and fortunately Land of Beds were near the top of the list. Now had the mattress a week, just completed the first "rotation" as I want to look after it and can say I'm now sleeping much better, it doesn't pay to get any old mattress, it's definitely an investment.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 12/05/2015 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    The best nights sleep we've had for ages!!!!

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 24/03/2015 Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5Rated 4.5 (4.5 of 5)

    Lovely mattress. Firm but with soft top covering.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 07/10/2014 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    It is firm comfortable and very well made , after a couple of days getting used to it ,our quality of sleep improved greatly

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 29/09/2014 Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4Rated 4 (4 of 5)

    Great bed - firm and luxurious! We bought a fairly thick mattress protector / topper as the pockets on the top are quite big and I could feel these when sleeping.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 16/04/2014 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Fabulous Hypnos mattress. Excellent quality.

    Hypnos Ortho Bronze Mattress 24/02/2014 Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5Rated 5 (5 of 5)

    Mattress arrived yesterday. Very happy, looks very good and feels lovely. Worth the money. No wonder Hypnos have the royal warrant.

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