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Julian Bowen Bed Frames, Bunk Beds & Bedroom Furniture

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Julian Bowen are now approaching 27 years of supplying the UK retailer with value for money, good quality furniture of good design for the ever more discerning consumer. The last few years have seen an enormous growth in the quantity and breadth of Julian Bowen's Furniture products offered, resulting in ever-increasing sales to the market. Each Julian Bowen product is carefully researched to respond to the needs and aspirations of the consumer in terms of design, quality and price. Julian Bowen have been voted the UK's Best Furniture Wholesaler for the Third Consecutive Year by the prestigious Interiors Monthly Magazine awards, which is testament to the quality of their beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture.

Julian Bowen Mattresses

Julian Bowen Mattresses come in two different ranges. There is either the Premier Mattress or the Semi- Orthopaedic Mattress. The Premier mattress has a stitch quilted cover finish with an oyster damask ticking fabric that offers a great level of comfort. The Orthopaedic mattress is slightly more firmer, promoting greater back support with the same oyster damask ticking fabric. The offer exceptional value for money and compliment Julian Bowen beds.

Julian Bowen Bed Frames

Julian Bowen Bed Frames are beautifully crafted making them the most elegant of frames. They come in a range of wooden, metal and leather depending on the look you are trying to achieve. All bed frames have wooden slated bases. Wooden sprung slated bases work in conjunction with the mattress to provide a comfortable and support feel. The natural bounce in the slats means that they will adjust to your profile where you exert the most pressure.

Julian Bowen Headboards

Julian Bowen Headboards come in a large range of colours and styles. You can either get your headboard in Natural Pine, Faux Leather or Stylish Metal. With their clean lines and contemporary design, they will look great in any room. The bed fixing option uses the traditional headboard design with 2 wooden fixing posts attached to the back of your bed.

Julian Bowen Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are becoming more and more popular; therefore, they have increased their selection to fit in with the demand. You can now choose between metal bunk beds or wooden bunk beds and select many different colours and styles to suit your bedroom. Most of our children's bunk beds can be split in two for later use as two standard single bed frames. Julian Bowen Bunk Beds are sturdy and stylish. Some bunk beds within the range include clever storage solutions on the lower bunk to make sure you use your space efficiently and ideal for your children's toys and books.

Julian Bowen Guest Beds

Julian Bowen Guest Beds are simple yet comfortable to sleep on. They do a range of beds including a foldaway option or a hideaway option. The foldaway is great if you’re struggling for space, as it will fit into a wardrobe with ease. The hideaway is a single bed with a single guest bed that pulls from underneath, this is called a trundle. This then raises to the same height as the other bed meaning you can create two single beds or a double bed. The foldaway option comes with a foam mattress whilst the hideaway is just the frame.

Julian Bowen Children's Beds

Do you want a bed for your child's room but worried about whether you have enough space? Look no further. The Julian Bowen Children's beds come in all shapes, sizes and colours. If you're not too sure what to look for we will help you out. Julian Bowen's collections cover bed frames and free standing bunk beds with 'groovy' storage options. They don't focus on just having somewhere to sleep, they want to make this a nightly experience for your children. Let them clamber into bed or sit underneath in their 'dens' and let their imaginations run wild.

Julian Bowen TV Beds

Sit back, relax and watch T.V. from the comfort of your new TV bed. TV beds are the latest innovation within the bedding world and have become increasingly popular over the last few years. At Julian Bowen you have the choice of buying your TV bed complete with the TV or just the frame so you can add the TV of your choice.

Julian Bowen Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds offer the ultimate in bedroom storage solutions. These Ottoman style beds easily lift up to allow you to utilise the full storage opportunity beneath your mattress. The Storage space of an Ottoman bed is not limited by drawer sides for wider objects etc, but offers you a wider and longer solution to your storage problems. Ottoman beds are especially useful if you have larger items you wish to hide away under the bed or are stuck for space in your bedroom. An Ottoman is ideal for storing your bedding, duvets, pillows or storing toys and books in a child's bedroom.

Julian Bowen Sofa Beds

Considering buying a high quality sofa bed but at a great price? Look no further. Julian Bowen Sofa Beds are beautiful designed to give you that deluxe feel. Made from faux leather, they portray style and grace without emptying your savings account. They all open out simply and within seconds. A really well made piece of furniture ideal when you are having guests but have limited space.

Julian Bowen Bedroom Furniture

Julian Bowen have eight Bedroom Collections to choose from, which offers a comprehensive collection of bedroom furniture including wardrobes, chest of drawers and dressing tables. The collections are constructed from various materials to ensure you will find something to match your bedroom decor. Each collection has a matching bed so you can get the complete look for your bedroom.

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