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Kaymed - When you go to bed, we go to work.

Kaymed have over one hundred years of experience and are currently a leading innovator in Gel and Visco-elastic technologies. Kaymed are the only foam manufacturer in Ireland who are constantly researching and developing new products and materials. They manufacture all the inner materials for their mattresses and divans across the Kaymed different ranges, using advanced techniques which are constantly being updated. Due to their extensive understanding and development of innovative materials, Kaymed are now the leaders in temperature regulating beds, mattresses and pillows. Kaymed are changing the shape in the North American bed industry with their innovative products.

At Kaymed their mission is to be “at the forefront of sleep technology.” They continue to develop their technologies which are all designed to help you regulate your temperature, provide instant pressure relief and try to give you the best level of comfort possible. Kaymed operates  an in-house Research and Development department which is responsible for the testing of raw materials used in their bed production, as Kaymed say “When you go to bed, we go to work.”

Kaymed Divans

Kaymed craft gorgeous divans that are made to a high standard. If you are suffering with lack of storage in your bedroom then Kaymed will be the bed of your dreams. As well as ample storage options to help you declutter your bedroom and create the best sleeping environment, they have developed two types of bases.

Firm Edge Sprung Base - This type of base features a firm edge for extra comfort and support right up to the edge of the bed. Springs cover the sleeping area in the middle, helping to create a supportive feel that works in conjunction with the mattress. A sprung base can actually increase the life span of your mattress.

Platform Top - This type of base features a solid wooden top which is upholstered in fabric. This type of base will provide a supportive feel to the mattress.

Kaymed Mattresses

Kaymed feature three ranges of mattresses which are available to buy from Land of Beds, each offer a different sleep experience but all still use cutting edge technology. The three ranges are:

  • Therma-Phase – This range uses innovative technology to recycle heat which will help you maintain the ideal sleeping temperature.
  • Responsive.Gel – This has been designed for ultimate pressure relief as it moulds to your body using its specially developed cell structure.
  • Mighty Beds – This range has been developed with a firmer feel and the convenience of only requiring to rotate the removable topper.

Kaymed Pillows

Kaymed have created a variety of pillows that use different materials and fillings, so finding your perfect pillow regardless of how you sleep couldn’t be easier. Whether you are a side, back or front sleeper you will always get the support and comfort you need for your unique sleeping style. All of Kaymed’s pillows are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, perfect for anyone who suffers with asthma or allergies. These pillows come in two styles which are:

Slim – A slim pillow is best for you if you prefer to sleep on your back or front, as this will align your spine and neck correctly.

Deep – A deep pillow will suit you best if you are a side sleeper, as it will elevate you head appropriately to help keep your spine and neck in alignment.

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