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Relyon Mattresses

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About Relyon Mattresses

Rated 4.7Rated 4.7Rated 4.7Rated 4.7Rated 4.7
4.7 / 5 (915 reviews)

At Relyon they only use the finest materials to make mattresses. Each Relyon mattress has been designed to react perfectly to each person’s size, shape and weight to create an excellent night’s sleep. The fillings are chosen with care by Relyon's expert craftsman and are blended to offer unsurpassed levels of comfort. They focus primarily on bedstead mattresses or roll ups, delivering both to a high standard of quality.

Relyon Mattress Materials:

Cotton Layer

A combination of cotton and luxurious soft white fibres is formed into a deep layer for a guaranteed gentle quality.

Lambswool Layer

Lambswool is blended into a blanket-like sheet and used as a soft and insulating upholstery layer for added comfort.

Resilient Foam

A soft yet supportive mattress layer.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is an innovative material designed to shape itself to the contours of the body and then spring back into shape when pressure is released. Mattresses made of this material offer valuable sleep support in a number of ways, especially in improving circulation, equalising pressure to help relieve back problems, promoting better spinal alignment, and reducing the effect of allergens for a fresher, healthier night's sleep.

Wool Layer Mattresses

Wool is used in some mattresses as a soft and insulating upholstery layer for added comfort. A natural insulator, wool provides coolness in the summer and heat in the winter. Offering superb comfort, wool mattresses also have hygroscopic properties encouraging the evaporation of body moisture, keeping beds fresher, for longer.

Silk Layer Mattresses

Finest silk fibres are blended into a durable insulation layer inside the mattress, providing a luxurious and supportive feel.

Cashmere Layer Mattresses

A layer of cashmere is added to the mattress to provide levels of exquisite comfort. Cashmere is historically regarded as the softest natural hair.

White Fibre Layer Mattresses

A dust free white fibre filling is added to the mattress to provide softness and resilience. White fibre is formed into a deep layer for guaranteed quality and softness.

Relyon Roll Up

There are two types of Relyon roll up mattresses, which are made of either memory foam or pocket springs. Rolled up to half their regular size and conveniently vac-packed, these mattresses are ideal for transportation if you want to take one home immediately.

Quickfire FAQ

Where are Relyon mattresses made? Where to buy a Relyon mattress?

Relyon are a UK business based in Wellington, Somerset (Postcode TA21 8NN). Components of their mattresses are made in various places (factories, mill, laboratory) all of which are in the UK. Relyon mattresses cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer, but are available through the retailer Land of Beds.

How long does a Relyon mattress last?

Confident of their high-quality products, Relyon mattresses come with a 5 – 8 year guarantee.

Is Relyon a good mattress?

As you might expect from a company that has been around since 1858, Relyon are renowned for their quality mattresses. Previously servicing the higher end of the market exclusively, in recent years their mattresses have become more affordable to those with mid-range budgets.

What is the best Relyon mattress?

The best mattress available from Relyon is unique to each individual sleeper’s needs. The most expensive Relyon mattresses are normally those from their Heritage Collection.

Are Relyon mattresses temperature-regulating?

Some Relyon mattresses are made of natural fibres such as wool or cashmere. As well as being very comfortable materials, they also regulate temperature very effectively, so when it’s warm you won’t feel too hot, and when it’s cool you won’t feel too cold.

What are Relyon pocket spring mattresses?

Relyon pocket spring mattresses feature between 1,200 to 3,000 pocket springs, which are amazing at evenly distributing body weight and reacting to movements. Providing pressure relief which helps sleepers relax, their design means couples are less likely to roll into each other or be disturbed by their partner’s tossing and turning.

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