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Relyon Pillows

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About Relyon Pillows

Relyon pillows provide your head, neck and shoulders with exactly the right amount of support you need to get a great night’s sleep. Whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper, the Latex Pillows maintain their shape night after night. Relyon latex pillows offer instant pressure relief, are hypo-allergenic to reduce allergies and have an aerated interior to remain fresh and dry. Compare, review and shop the full Relyon pillow collection at Land of Beds. From a choice of deep or slim designs, you will be sure to find a Relyon pillow that compliments your sleeping position.

Relyon Pillow Collection:

Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Pillow

The Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Pillow suits most sleepers and is a large, deep pillow filled with 100% breathable latex. Its deep, squidgy design provides instant pressure relief, especially if you suffer from a bad neck, or need extra support for your spine in the night. It rarely needs plumping as latex holds its shape so well, year after year, and it comes with a five-year guarantee. Allergen and dust-mite resistant, the pillow is even more hygienic thanks to a soft cover which can be removed and washed.

Relyon Superior Comfort Slim Pillow

The Relyon Superior Comfort Slim Pillow is a slim latex pillow which provides gentle support if you prefer to sleep on your front or back. The pillow is breathable, thanks to a unique 'pincore' construction of latex – the Relyon Superior Comfort Slim Pillow is full of interconnected air cells that keep you cool and aerated as you slumber. Latex is very good at staying fresh and dry throughout the night, so you won't wake up with a big sweaty face in the morning. Never a good look.

How long does a Relyon pillow last?

Reylon pillows last many years longer than standard fabric-filled pillows because the latex is so durable. They come with long guarantees – up to five years. They may be seen to be more expensive than other brands, but that's because they last such a long time. Being natural, latex pillows do deteriorate very slightly over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Too much sunbathing will toughen up the latex and diminish its magical ability to bounce back into shape. Over time, the latex will become hard and brittle, so be sure to keep yours out of the sun.

Can you wash Relyon pillows?

Yes, your Relyon pillow can be machine washed, but go easy, as this will reduce its life expectancy. If you have a stain, it's advised that you gently sponge the area, then place the pillow between two towels to squeeze out remaining water. Air dry away from any direct sunshine or direct heat sources. It is not recommended that you dry clean your Relyon pillows.

Which Relyon pillow is best?

All a matter of choice. But to help you decide: Relyon Pillows are top-end, luxurious latex pillows that will bring you many years of sound sleep. A Relyon pillow can help you say goodbye to a stiff neck and aches and pains, thanks to the revolutionary latex filling – it's breathable, has instant bounce back, and it won't lose its shape over the years. The pillows adjust to the fluctuations of your body temperature, thanks to layers of aerated fibres. So, if you're prone to hot flushes, or overheating in the summer, it's the ideal choice for cooler sleep.

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