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Tempur Adjustable Beds

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About Tempur Adjustable Beds

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Everything you need to know about Tempur® adjustable beds – answered by our bed experts

Tempur® adjustable beds epitomise the meeting of comfort with technology.

Here are a few reasons as to why the UK loves Tempur® adjustable beds:

Operated by a cordless remote control, and with the added touch of a massage unit built in as standard, taking your comfort to the next level has never been easier. Dedicated to making life as stress-free as possible, there’s even a battery back-up in case of a power cut.

Tempur electric adjustable beds allow independent adjustment of your head, hips or legs whilst lying down or lifting yourself to a sitting position with ease. This allows you to control the level of support and comfort needed for watching TV, reading writing, breakfasting or just relaxing! The built-in torch ensures you can even limit the disturbance to your partner if you need to wake during the night.

Available in two styles: divan base or slatted bed frame, and in a variety of colours, you can be certain this bed will not only complement your bedroom décor, but also aid you in achieving a good night’s sleep.

Quickfire FAQ

How will a Tempur electric adjustable bed support me better than a flat bed?

An adjustable bed allows you to modify your sleeping arrangement in five key areas: head, neck, back, hips, and knees, giving you the level of comfort and support you require to achieve a good night’s sleep. With the ability to tailor your own sleep experience, you can alter the settings to be exactly right for you – perfect for those suffering with aches and pains, acid reflux, snoring, oedema… the list is endless!

In a flat bed, people are restricted to the horizontal sleeping position, which often results in a poor night’s sleep due to much tossing and turning to reduce or relieve pressure on painful areas. With an adjustable bed, you can take pressure away from sore parts at the click of a button. Giving painful areas the chance to rest during the night has the knock-on effect of reducing pain and improving mobility upon waking and in turn, boosts the mental well being of users.

Can the position I sleep in worsen or improve my medical condition in a Tempur adjustable bed?

Research highlights the link between sleeping position and symptoms, notably when suffering from acid reflux or oedema. These conditions can make it exceedingly difficult for the sufferer to achieve a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed can have a stark difference on your symptoms and your sleep thanks to the range of settings available. The fivefold adjustable bed points will ensure you have the support where you need it most.

Can a Tempur adjustable bed make getting into and out of bed easier?

Many frustrations come when we find getting in and out bed difficult. Often, pain, old age and chronic illness result in people’s independence being stripped away from them. With the ability to raise the bed to a comfortable height at the touch of a button, users can concentrate on lifting their legs on or off the bed without the fear of falling, safe in the knowledge that their upper back, shoulders, and head are all supported.

This feature undoubtedly allows a sense of independence and provides positive physical benefits in addition to reassuring comfort for those with mobility problems or anxiety about falling and being unable to get back up again.

Can a Tempur adjustable bed help with snoring?

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues of the throat relax and narrow when you’re asleep. The loud rumbling sound is a result of your tongue, mouth, throat, or airways in your nose vibrating. Sleeping next to someone who snores loudly can result in reduced quality of sleep, which in turn impacts on the quality of your waking life. An adjustable bed allows the top half of the bed to be raised, keeping the snorer’s airways open more fully.

This sleeping position helps to fight the effects of gravity, preventing the soft tissues from sagging and blocking the airways. Hopefully, this will result in a good night’s sleep for both!

Does a Tempur adjustable bed require special wiring and are they expensive to use?

No, adjustable beds use a standard household plug and the electric motors attached to the bed are fully insulated. Current is only drawn when the adjustable bed is being raised. As such, little power is used, meaning they are not expensive to operate.

Can I use any type of mattress on a Tempur adjustable bed?

The mattress needs to be specifically made for adjustable beds so that it can profile with the bed. Our bed experts can recommend you further on 01928 241285.

Will I need to use special bedding on a Tempur adjustable bed?

No, so long as your bedding fits the bed size ordered. Elasticated sheets are however recommended, as these will remain a snug fit when the adjustable bed is raised at the head and foot ends. Normal flat sheets might become saggy over time.

Are Tempur an environmentally sustainable company?

Tempur are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in their global operations by 2040. To date they have achieved energy emission reductions by focusing on energy conservation, renewable energy, and fleet fuel efficiency.

Do Tempur adjustable beds come with a guarantee?

Tempur adjustable bed bases come with an extended manufacturer’s 10-year frame guarantee. The remote-control unit, massage units and bed motors come with a five-year guarantee.

Useful information:

Contact our sales team today on 01298 241285 to discuss how an electric adjustable bed can achieve a good night’s sleep.

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