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Tempur Pillows

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About Tempur Pillows

Rated 4.6Rated 4.6Rated 4.6Rated 4.6Rated 4.6
4.6 / 5 (130 reviews)

At Land of Beds we have a wide range of Tempur pillows to accommodate a variety of preferences and sleep positions. All offer the optimal comfort and support of Tempur material, but each uses distinctive technology, design and special features to match your sleep preference.

Choosing the right pillow can improve how well your body is positioned at night, affecting the quality of your sleep. They will cradle your head, neck and shoulders with supportive, pressure relieving comfort.

You can choose from the Tempur Cloud Pillow which is made with extra soft material to provide a balance of softness and support, the Tempur Sensation Pillow that offers you the comfort and support of a traditional pillow or the ergonomic choice of the Tempur Original Pillow which is a support pillow that is recommended for those who need a more therapeutic sleep posture and the pillow will follow your natural curve supporting your head, neck and shoulders.

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