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Tempur Pillows

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About Tempur Pillows

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Everything you need to know about Tempur® pillows – answered by our bed experts

Generally, people are aware that achieving an adequate amount of sleep is an important factor for living a healthy life. Yet many underestimate the impact a pillow can have on achieving this goal.

Regardless of your sleeping position, Tempur® pillows will provide you with both comfort and support thanks to their huggable and malleable, patented material.

Here at Land of Beds we have a wide range of Tempur® pillows to accommodate a variety of preferences and sleep positions. All offer the optimal comfort and support of Tempur® material, but each uses distinctive technology, design and special features to match your sleep preference.

Tempur® Cloud pillow

Mirroring the cushioning feel of the Tempur® Cloud mattress, these pillows cradle your neck as they gently conform to your shape. Wrapped in a dual side, machine washable cover, this pillow fits inside a standard pillow case, allowing you to coordinate your pillows with your favourite bedlinen and bedroom décor. This pillow is ideal for those looking for a softer feel.

Tempur® Comfort original pillow

These pillows are ideal for side and back sleepers, providing plush comfort and ultimate pressure relief.

Tempur® Queen neck pillow

Ideal for side and back sleepers, this pillow can help with snoring thanks to its interesting design shape. This pillow supports your head, neck and shoulders whilst ensuring spine alignment to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few reasons as to why the UK loves Tempur® pillows:

Tempur®, the only pillow brand recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation, are designed to support your head, neck and shoulders ensuring you feel supported all night long.

Quickfire FAQ

What difference will a good quality Tempur pillow make to my sleep?

Choosing the right pillow can improve how well your body is positioned at night, affecting the quality of your sleep. They will cradle your head, neck and shoulders with supportive, pressure relieving comfort.

Do Tempur® pillows help if you have neck pain?

Tempur pillows are designed to provide comfort and support for your neck and spine. However, if you suffer from neck pain, it is always advisable to seek professional medical advice.

How often should you replace a Tempur® pillow?

Designed to last, Tempur® pillows come with a three year guarantee.

Why are Tempur® pillows so expensive?

Although more expensive than conventional pillows, the three-year warranty combined with the quality and support these pillows offer, make them a good investment that will ensure you achieve a good night’s sleep for many years to come.

What are TEMPUR pillows made of?

The Comfort and Traditional pillows are made up of shredded Tempur® material, wrapped in a Tempur® membrane. Ergonomic pillows are made from Tempur® material poured into moulds.

Will a Tempur® pillow soften over time?

Over time, your pillow will get softer as it adjusts to your body. Regardless, it should still feel as comfortable, if not more so, and will still provide the support that you need to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Can Tempur® pillows be recycled?

Tempur® actively seek ways to preserve the environment and reduce their global footprint. The pillow covers can be separated from the foam core - allowing the materials to enter separate recycling streams.

Useful information:

Shop our Tempur® pillows online or contact our sales team today on 01298 241285.

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