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Vispring Divan Beds

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About Vispring Divan Beds

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Vispring have been making the finest quality divan beds in the world since 1901. All Vispring bases and mattresses are handcrafted in the UK by the time served upholstery craftsman to exacting standards. The result is the creation of the world’s most comfortable and luxurious beds. At Land of Beds we sell the complete range of Vispring divan beds, available in all sizes from Single to Super King Size, and tensions from Soft to Extra Firm, suitable for front, back or side sleepers. So, whatever your preference, you will be sure to find a sumptuously comfortable bed to suit your requirements from the Vispring range below.

About Vispring Divan Beds

A handcrafted Vispring divan base will bring an extra comfort level to your already supremely sumptuous new bed. Inside the divan is a robust frame of slow-grown Scandinavian spruce, famous for its strength. Nestled expertly inside are body-responsive pocket springs, along with bountiful fillings of premium natural fibres.

The divans are hand-upholstered with quality fabrics, in a large range of colours and finishes. Best of all, Vispring are so confident that you will have the ultimate sleeping experience, that their products are guaranteed for 30 years. There really is no better foundation for your mattress than a matching Vispring divan.

The phenomenal construction quality means that even on its own, a Vispring divan base is even more comfortable than some other famous brand mattresses.

But when paired together with a handcrafted Vispring mattress, you’re guaranteed an incredible, refreshing sleep. Thanks to the springs in the base, the overall level of support is increased. Not only does this mean an incredibly comfortable experience, but pressure is transferred evenly across the bed, which will reduce wear and tear, and increase the lifetime of your mattress.

The Vispring brand was established in 1901 and is now a proud British heritage company. They are the only bed company to manufacture their own vanadium steel springs – indeed, Vispring was responsible for the invention of pocket springs, which you will find in their mattresses and divans too.

Nowadays their lavish beds are used in first class cruise cabins and five-star hotels such as the Savoy. If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, invest in a Vispring, possibly the world's most luxurious mattress and divan.

Types of Vispring divan beds we offer:

A Vi spring divan base is the ultimate foundation for your new bed. At Land of Beds, we offer many varieties of Vispring divan – the frame handcrafted from slow-grown Scandinavian spruce, and the interior expertly packed with those famous vanadium steel springs, alongside luxurious natural fibres.

You will find models such as the Vispring Herald Superb divan set, the Vispring Devonshire divan set, the Vispring Elite divan, the Vispring Prestige divan and the Vispring Regal Superb divan set. For a lower, sleeker look, the Vispring shallow divan is an elegant choice.

All Vi spring divan sets are handcrafted to order, and are available with free delivery from Land of Beds.

Questions & Answers:

Why Vispring divan beds have a 30-year guarantee?

Vispring are so confident in the quality of their products, that they offer an immense 30-year guarantee. Their skilled craftspeople take days to hand stitch the beds, with one mattress seam taking eight hours alone. With this exquisite attention to detail, alongside the fine materials used, it's easy to see why the company is so confident to offer this exceptional guarantee.

Can I buy a Vispring divan bed on finance at Land of Beds?

Yes, you absolutely can buy a Vispring divan base on finance at Land of Beds. We offer three quick and easy ways to apply for finance – each takes only 10 minutes. You can either apply over the phone, online, or in store. We also have a finance calculation tool on our website, where you can alter the total and deposit to find out which suits you best. Both our 10 month and 12 month options are 0% APR. This means that you can invest in a beautiful Vispring bed without paying a lump sum.

How do you clean a Vispring divan bed?

If you look after your Vispring bed properly, it could last you a lifetime. Spot cleaning is recommended for stains – dab at the affected area with a clean cloth, and some gentle detergent. Harsh cleaning chemicals are not recommended on Vispring divan beds. Allow the bed to dry thoroughly before replacing any bedding. Do not bend or roll your mattress either, as this will damage the springs and invalidate your guarantee.

How do Vispring divan beds split?

Yes, depending on the model you choose, the divan may split from north to south, or east to west. This allows the two bases to fit into your room and then linked together when in situ.

My partner and I have different sleeping preferences – can you halve the beds?

Yes, a Zip and Link bed is ideal for this situation. This allows you to convert two single beds into one Vispring super king size bed so you can both enjoy different sleeping surfaces. The zip runs down the middle, and the bases are linked head to foot, with the mattress zipped together along its length. If you wish to turn your mattresses top to toe and over as well, they can be fitted with four zips.

Do Vispring divans have legs, castors or glides?

Take your choice from either elegant legs or smooth casters to bring out the majesty of your new Vispring bed. Choose from a large palette of sophisticated modern materials, alongside natural materials for that elegant finishing touch. The Vispring range includes a variety of coatings and heights, along with a large range of exclusive designs to match your lifestyle and decor.

Are storage drawers included in a Vispring divan bed?

Drawers are available at an additional cost. If you wish to increase the amount of storage in your bedroom, a storage divan is the smart option. These stunning and practical divan beds are beautifully styled, in a wide range of fabric upholstery. They are available in sizes from single all the way up to super king, and because they contain springs, they are very comfortable. To increase the storage in your bedroom, choose a divan with storage drawers. This makes it easy to store bedding, pillows and any other objects that could usually clutter your room.

Can I customise my Vispring divan bed?

Each Vispring bed is handmade to order, meaning you can customise every detail, from the stitching on the headboard, to the material of the legs. This allows you to create a bed that matches your room and lifestyle perfectly. Vispring can also customise unusually shaped beds such as fourposter, extra-large beds, or divans in sections to navigate narrow staircases. If you have a special requirement, Vispring will be delighted to accommodate it.

There really is no better foundation for your bed than a Vispring divan base. Support is maximised by hundreds of hand-nested springs, which run across the divan edge to edge. This creates a firm edge for extra support and comfort, all the way up to the border of the bed. Indeed, the spring base is so well crafted and sumptuous, that it is more comfortable than many famous-name mattresses. If you want to purchase a Vi spring divan base only, this option is also available. For even more comfort, the divan is hand-packed with blended platinum certified British fleece wool and cotton.

With so many choices in the Vispring divan range, the friendly sleep experts at Land of Beds will be more than happy to guide you through your choices, asking simple questions about your sleeping habits, lifestyle and decor to help you narrow down the choice. With free delivery and interest free credit options available, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to purchase the luxury Vispring mattress of your dreams.

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