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About Vispring Headboards

Vispring Headboards are the height of fashion and will create the focal point of the bedroom. Expertly handcrafted from the finest upholstery materials enabling the finished product to generate a real statement of classic British design, which will stand the test of time. All Vispring headboards are made in sizes from Single to Super King Size, with bespoke sizes available on request. Designs are all offered with either strutted, bed fixing or bolted attachments, so dependent on the finish you are looking for we will be able to accommodate your requests.

Complete the look of your new Vispring bed with a handcrafted Vispring headboard. These deeply upholstered headboards are cosy, comfortable, and make sitting up in bed a joy. Handmade to order using exceptional British workmanship, featuring clean lines and beautifully stitched panelling, they combine aesthetic appeal with soothing support. If you're ready to review and compare Vispring headboards, you could save hundreds in our luxury Vispring headboard sale.

At Land of Beds, we have a large range of luxury Vispring headboards to finish off the look of your room. The headboards are available in all sizes, to suit your decor, from classic to striking and contemporary. Whether you prefer elegant straight lines or flowing curves, each of these bespoke headboards is handcrafted to order in the Vispring Plymouth factory. Imagine you buy a handmade Vi Spring super king headboard for the top of your bed. Sitting up in bed has never been so spectacular.

How they attach/type - Euro style, strutted or Bolt-throughs

You can attach your Vispring headboard to your bed in a variety of ways, and most headboards have multiple options: strutted, euro-style, or bolt through.

The euro headboard extends to the base of the divan, for exceptional support and stability. Offering a sleek and elegant finish, the euro headboard is suitable for all divans including the shallow divan.

The strutted headboard is easy to move, and great for tight spaces, so if you have a narrow staircase, this is a good option. Strutted headboards can also be attached to any standard UK divan base.

The bolt-through fixing is recommended for larger divans. As it is floor standing, it gives superb rigidity and support, as it bolts on to the back of the divan.

To fit a strutted or bolted headboard, screw the bolts through the headboard struts, and into the relevant screw holes on your bed.

Questions and Answers:

What are the headboard heights?

The height of the headboard is measured from the top of the mattress. Vispring headboards come in a variety of adjustable heights depending on the style.

What sizes are the headboards available in?

Every headboard is handmade to order, specifically to your choice. They come in a variety of sizes to match your bed and décor perfectly, including single headboard, small double headboard, double headboard, king headboard, Continental king headboard, small super king headboard, super king headboard, small empty headboard, and emperor headboard.

What Headboard styles and fabrics do we offer?

Coming in a rich variety of styles and fabrics, you will certainly find a headboard to suit your interior decor. Combining soothing support, and outstanding aesthetic appeal, the headboards are available in upholstery from the Vispring collection, or even your own personal choice of fabric or material.

How do you attach a Vispring headboard to the bed?

Fitting a headboard to your bed is probably one of the easiest pieces of DIY. Most headboards come with struts which screw into the back of the headboard and fit neatly into the back of any divan bed.

Your Vispring divan bed will have two bolts on the back. These bolts unscrew by hand – no need to use a screwdriver. Place the headboard struts over the bolts and screw the bolts tight at the desired height.

The struts allow you to slide the headboard up and down depending on the thickness of your mattress. Once you have found the perfect height, tighten up the bolts and the headboard are held in place.

If you have a floor standing headboard, the headboard stands in place behind the bed. Once the bolts are attached, this provides a sturdy headboard which will not move around.

If you opt for a wall mounted headboard, there are wall mounting fixtures supplied. However, we recommend you use a DIY expert when fixing a headboard to the wall.

Are Vispring headboards included with a Vispring divan bed?

No, Vispring headboards are not included with the Vispring divan bed, they are purchased separately. But this is where you can get really creative with your choices – the range is designed to complement the beautiful range of Vispring beds and mattresses. The Vispring Helios headboard is a design classic – shop now and upgrade your sleep experience with the world's most luxurious beds and headboards.

The headboards suit all styles, interiors, and tastes with the emphasis on WOW. Choosing your own headboard allows you to add personality and style to your bedroom.

Whether you decide for an elegant, simple look, or something more dramatic that makes a statement about your personality, there is an option to suit. Vispring pillow headboards are chic and comfortable, and come in a variety of shapes including straight and sleek, alongside more traditional or curved.

Sit up in bed drinking a cup of tea or working, as many of us do now, and you will feel like you are in heaven, as that deep cushioning provides exceptional support.

They are handmade to order and will add an extra special finishing flourish to your bedroom. And it has been well documented that a calming, elegant bedroom enhances relaxation and well-being, therefore leading to a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Can I use a Vispring headboard with any bed base?

Yes, you can use a Vispring headboard with any bed base, but we recommend that you measure first. Headboards come in standard UK sizes, allowing you to mix and match, whatever size and style you decide.

How do you clean a Vispring headboard?

A fabric headboard can look amazing and feel very comfortable and cosy. But some people are put off by the regular cleaning regime. We spend a lot of time in bed, and oils from your hair and cosmetics can quite easily stain your upholstery. Also, dust will build, dulling the fabric especially in the nooks and crannies. It’s difficult to stop these things from happening, but you can easily maintain the fabric, so it retains its luxurious look over time.

You'll need a vacuum cleaner, fabric cleaner spray, a scented leave in spray, baking soda, and a dry cloth.

First, you have to make vacuuming the headboard a weekly habit – regular vacuuming prevents the dust from building up.

If you notice any stains or marks, use the fabric cleaner spray. Be sure to do a spot test before covering the whole headboard! Test on a hidden area first and check back in a few hours to see if discolouration has occurred.

Now on to the fabric spray – preferably a scented linen spray – this step is needed less frequently but can make a big difference to the freshness of your room.

Once a month, we recommend using baking soda for the ultimate freshness. Put a generous amount on a dry cloth, and dab onto the headboard. Let it sit for a few hours, then remove the residue with the vacuum cleaner. Best do this when you change the bedsheets, as baking soda can get everywhere.

With proper care, your Vispring headboard will last as long as the bed, and with that famous 30-year guarantee, that is a very long time indeed.

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