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About Vispring Mattresses

Rated 4.9Rated 4.9Rated 4.9Rated 4.9Rated 4.9
4.9 / 5 (17 reviews)

Vispring mattresses are renowned for their quality and comfort. Each mattress is lovingly handmade and comes with a 30-year guarantee, providing confidence that the product will truly provide decades of sumptuous comfort. Here at Land of Beds we sell the largest collection of Vispring Mattresses - from cloud like soft mattresses through to orthopaedic extra firm models, all designed to suit individual sleepers’ preferences.

So, whether you sleep on you front, side or back, we will have a model to suit your needs.

All our Vispring Mattresses come in sizes from small single to super king size. Also, if you would like to customise your mattress, we are able to make your bed to any size that suits your individual requirements.

The pocket spring, which is now a feature in all modern luxury mattresses, was invented by Vispring over 100 years ago. Their handmade beds, including the Vispring double mattress, headboards and divans, are some of the most luxurious in the world, offering exceptional comfort with a 30-year guarantee. From first class cruise cabins to five-star hotels, Vispring beds are famous the world over for their exquisite comfort.

Vispring is a true British heritage brand with a story that goes from strength to strength.

How are Vispring mattresses made?

Some mattresses take only a few hours to make, whizzing along the production line in no time. With Vispring mattresses however, the construction is a painstaking process that takes specialist technicians many days to create by hand.

Materials include ethically nurtured sources such as 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool, horsehair, silk, bamboo, and vicuña – fleece from a cute animal similar to a llama that’s worth more than gold.

These breathable, absorbent, and hypo allergenic materials work in harmony to regulate your body temperature throughout the night to promote a great night’s sleep. Seductive comfort and a deliciously inviting sleeping surface are hallmarks of Vispring beds.

Vispring pocket springs are made of corrosion-resistant vanadium steel. Each spring is encased in a calico pocket and they are nested in their thousands. The springs are not glued together and are able to work individually – great news if your partner is a different size and weight.

What different sizes and tensions of Vispring mattresses are there?

With 58 spring types and four different tensions – soft, medium, medium-firm and firm, you will find the perfect Vispring bed to suit you and your partner for many years of blissful sleep. Sizes range from the Vispring single mattress and Vispring double mattress, all the way up to the magnificent Vispring traditional bedstead mattress super king-size!

What are the Vispring spring counts and fillings?

The spring counts of a Vispring traditional pocket sprung mattress depends on the size and model. Usually with two layers of pocket springs and a count in the thousands, your new luxury bed will adapt to all your movements, and cancel out your partner's fidgeting for a lengthy, restorative snooze.

The Vispring Herald Superb mattress has a spring count of 1476, nested together in individual calico pockets for outstanding movement isolation. If your partner's a wriggler, you'll hardly know they're there.

Inside the mattress, you will find fabrics and materials such as bamboo, silk, finest platinum grade British fleece, and on the deluxe models – vicuña – the world rarest fleece, which is more expensive than gold. All contents are chemical free, hypoallergenic, and breathable for a blissful bedtime.

These mattresses can be heavy and require a sturdy base – choose from either a handcrafted divan, or an ornate Vispring bedstead mattress that wouldn’t look out of place in Queen Victoria’s bedroom. The Vispring mattress lifespan would also be enough to impress the long-reigning Queen – thirty years or more.

Whether you choose a bedstead or divan, your mattress will be supported on a robust and elegant frame, made with all the TLC of Vispring's other products. Therefore, the Vispring mattress price is slightly more than most, but with the Vispring mattress lifespan, which could be thirty years or more, it works out as an exceptional investment in those most important eight hours of your day.

Questions & Answers

Why do Vispring mattresses have a 30-year guarantee?

All Vispring beds are covered by an immense 30-year guarantee, a stark contrast to the industry standard of 10 years. The company is so certain of its quality and craftsmanship, that they are confident enough to offer such a lengthy guarantee.

How do you choose the right Vispring mattress?

To choose the right Vispring mattress, it's important to consider your sleeping preferences. Do you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or front? What size you are and your weight are all factors that will help hone down the choices from the many options available.

What is the best Vispring mattress?

The best Vispring mattress is the one that feels most comfortable to you. With linings of fine cotton, long stranded horsehair, lamb's wool, silk and cashmere, pretty much every single one of their mattresses could be classified as 'the best', especially when compared to other brands.

The deep upholstery produces an unrivalled voluptuous sensation, and those natural, chemical-free materials provide exceptional softness and loft. The Vispring Elite mattress is a highly sought-after model, with exclusive natural fillings including bonded Platinum Certified British fleece wool and cotton. Best set three alarms, you'll struggle to haul yourself out in the mornings.

How long does a Vispring mattresses last?

If you care for your Vispring mattress correctly, it can last many years beyond the 30-year guarantee. We advise using a mattress protector, regular turning, and cleaning according to care instructions. If long-term comfort is a priority of yours, then investing in a Vispring mattress is certainly a wise choice. Supported on the correct base, such as the Vispring traditional bedstead mattress, your new bed will give you many years of blissful sleep.

Do you need to turn a Vispring mattress?

You can prolong the life of your mattress by turning it occasionally, but only if instructions allow. This allows the fillings to settle more evenly, improving the ventilation and comfort of your mattress. To turn your mattress, slide towards the foot end of the bed for about three quarters of its length. Then turn the mattress through 90°, then lift onto its border on top of the divan.

Gently allow the mattress to 'plump' back onto the divan towards the head end. No need to put your back out – it can be done quite gently although we do recommend a team of two for this task. If you have a combination mattress, it can only be turned one way, from head to foot. The Vispring Supreme mattress benefits from regular flipping to prolong its life span.

Can you sleep on a Vispring mattress straight away?

Yes, you can sleep on your new Vispring mattress straight away. Because Vispring mattresses are all natural, there is no need to ventilate the room, which is often an issue with synthetic beds. Your Vispring traditional bedstead mattress king size will be ready to sleep on the moment it's unwrapped and dressed.

What is the best spring mattress for side sleepers?

Most of us sleep on our side in the foetal position, which means we have vulnerable pressure points on our shoulders and hips. A medium / medium-soft mattress is recommended if you prefer to sleep on your side. The independent movement of the pocket springs will ensure each part of your body is cradled correctly.

Pressure is reduced and movement is absorbed by these top-grade steel springs, bringing you thirty years or more of sublime sleep. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach or back, then to keep the spine straight it might be more comfortable to opt for a firmer feeling mattress tension.

Can I get a Vispring mattress on finance?

At Land of Beds, we make it easy for you to purchase your new Vispring bed on finance. If you are spending over £250 and are over the age of 18, then you are eligible to apply. We have many different options available – use our simple Finance Calculator to find out how much you can afford to borrow, and which interest rate works best for your needs.

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