In an ideal world, we would all be able to sleep on a traditional bed every night. With many sleepers now occupying smaller rooms, however, space-saving alternatives are in demand. Enter the modern sofa bed. We’re all familiar with sofa beds, but how many of us have ever actually slept on one? Find yourself considering a sofa bed? We’re here to answer all your questions, from what they are to how often you can sleep on one. Let us help you choose a sofa bed.

After reading you will be able to:

  • Appreciate what a sofa bed is
  • Be familiar with the various sofa bed designs
  • Understand who should be investing in a sofa bed
  • Realise what the different types of sofa beds are and their characteristics
  • Know how to maximise the comfort of a sofa bed
  • Effortlessly find and choose the right sofa bed for your needs

Sofa beds are a versatile and convenient alternative to traditional bed frames in smaller rooms. Furniture that can be used as a seat in a home office, child’s bedroom, or box room but also transforms into a bed for guests is an invaluable and ever-ready addition to any well-prepared home.

What Are Sofa Beds And Are They Comfortable?

A sofa bed is a convertible couch that has recently gained significant popularity. Sofa beds often contain a mechanical or hinge mechanism that opens up a sofa’s seating cushions into a thin mattress.

Designed in 1931 by Bernard Castro, sofa beds were initially used primarily in smaller bedrooms for the spatially savvy. Sofa beds have become fashionable and comfortable designs and are now a staple in many living rooms. While they appear like traditional sofas, most available today offer enough comfort for a good night’s sleep, though they may not match the comfort level of a standard mattress.

If you are looking for a sofa bed that’s comfortable for nightly use, our top pick is the Land of Beds Bolero. Although sofa beds are comfy, try to avoid sleeping on them every night if you can. If you do find yourself regularly sleeping on a sofa bed, then we recommend purchasing a mattress topper to provide a thicker and more supportive sleep surface.

When using sofa beds as sofas, it’s important to note that they may feel slightly firmer than regular sofas, but this can be compensated for with cushions. Therefore, your priority when selecting a sofa bed should be finding one that is comfortable as a bed first and as a couch second.

Who Should Invest In A Sofa Bed?

Anyone who can invest in a sofa bed, should. A sofa bed is 100% a worthwhile purchase, even for those who aren’t planning to use them every night. An extra bed/seating area is a handy addition to any home for when those occasional guests or family stay overnight. As the technology and design have become more advanced over the years, sofa beds have moved away from their early reputation for being uncomfortable and unattractive, and have rapidly become a much-desired piece of furniture for the modern home. With 30 different Sofa Beds available at Land of Beds we have a style to suit any room in any home.

Need a bed for a spare room? If it isn’t likely to be slept in very often then a sofa sleeper is an ideal alternative, affording a place of rest for guests while providing an extra area to relax during the rest of the year. Removing the need for another bedframe in the home frees up a large space and creates another option for those wanting to chill out away from other people. In an era where we’re spending more time at home, an additional living room or snug zone is a welcome space to the house.

What Are The Different Types Of Sofa Beds?


The Click-Clack is tip-top when it comes to ease of use. These types of sofa beds are the definition of simple. All you need to do when turning these from a sofa to a bed is pull the back of the sofa forward until you hear a clicking noise. Once you hear that, push it back until it ‘clacks’ the surface should now be flat and ready to go for a peaceful night’s sleep. Click Clack sofa beds are the most popular style, as not only are they easy to set up, but they are often cheaper than other types of sofa beds. 


The pull-out sofa bed is the more traditional of designs. With a bed frame stored away within the body of the sofa, this design is more suitable for those planning to sleep on a sofa bed more often. To set up this style of sofa bed, all you need to do is pull up the cushion section and unfold the frame hidden below. The pull-out design of these sofa beds often has a dedicated rollout mattress, thus making them more comfortable for regular or daily use. The inbuilt mattresses on these sofa beds usually contain more generous fillings than that of a click-clack sofa bed, and therefore may be more inviting for guests.

A pull-out sofa bed resembles a traditional sofa with arms as opposed to the click-clack design which boasts a simple and highly practical design. 

How Can I Make My Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

On board with the sofa bed revolution? Then we are here to help with a list of quick and easy tips on how to maximise its comfort:

Silky white bed sheets
  • Opt for a mattress topper– A mattress topper can make a huge difference, particularly on sofa beds with a thin mattress. A topper can make for a softer and more comfortable sleeping surface whilst also offering an additional level of protection for the fabric too. 
  • Invest in high-quality pillows and bedding – Investing in high-quality bedding and pillows will directly improve the quality of your night’s sleep. When investing in bedding and pillows for your sofa bed, make sure that you buy the correct size.
  • Have freshly washed and dried sheets – Who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly washed and dried sheets? As well as feeling better, this will help you get comfortable quickly and enjoy a better night’s sleep.
  • Replace the mattress – As a last resort, you can replace the mattress that is currently on the sofa bed with a new roll-up style mattress. One of our top recommendations is to opt for a Dormeo roll-up mattress. Ensure that any new mattress you purchase for the sofa bed is the same size.

The key to making sure a sofa bed is comfortable is being able to sleep on it without realising it isn’t a more traditional bed. A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and that doesn’t change just because you’re spending time on a sofa bed. In order to make sure it is up to acceptable comfort standards ensure that a good mattress is used that is made of appropriate materials.

It can be easy to overlook the cushion type when shopping for sofa beds, but they are crucial to making it a worthwhile purchase. Depth, filling and how it sits on the frame all play a part in deciding how comfortable a mattress can be. By conducting good research it is entirely possible to avoid ending up with a sofa bed worthy of its old reputation for discomfort.

The Good, The Bed & The Comfy: What Will You Choose?

If this article has taught you anything it should be that, when it comes to choosing the best sofa bed there is no one size fits all approach – it very much depends on your wants and needs. A space-saving click-clack style sofa bed is a great way to keep your interior tidy, but it’s not always the comfiest option for sleeping on nightly. A traditional pull-out sofa may be more of a bulky buy but can be more suitable for daily use while maintaining the space-saving charm of a sofa bed.

Need Help Choosing The Best Sofa Bed For You?

Deciding on the best sofa bed for your needs is dependent upon many factors.

  • What construction do you prefer?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Which room is it for?

There is no need to lose sleep over trying to choose the right sofa bed. Our bed experts at Land of Beds pride themselves on their specialist knowledge and ability to guide you to the bed that’s just right for you.

Our customer-first policy means we listen and give good, independent advice based on the needs of the individual. By pairing consumers up with ethically sourced, affordable, quality products, we provide as many people as possible with a great night’s sleep. 

If you would like help being connected with your ideal sofa bed, feel free to get in touch with us on 01928 242829