Take the hassle out of choosing the best electric adjustable bed suited to you with this ultimate guide.

After reading it you will be able to:

  • Choose your ideal adjustable electric bed
  • Value how an adjustable bed can help you
  • Understand what exactly an adjustable bed is
  • Recognise the type of mattresses suitable for adjustable beds
  • Realise how long it might take to adapt to using an electric adjustable bed
  • Appreciate that electric adjustable beds do not have to detract from stylish décor
  • Discover if your purchase of an electric adjustable bed is eligible for a VAT discount
  • Know that adjustable beds can help with circulation, digestion, snoring and pain relief 

Tired Of Painful Discomfort Disrupting Your Sleep?

Some of us just can’t resist reading that one extra chapter of a book or watching that one more episode of a gripping TV show in bed. The problem is that we’ve already been propped up in bed a little longer than is comfortable. No matter how firm our pillows, asking them to perform a function they weren’t really designed for eventually leads to muscle distress. Eyes that won’t stay open, a bad back, and a sore neck the next day are the high price we pay as a result. 

But it needn’t be this way.

A yacht or a private jet may be a bit of a stretch for most of our budgets, but one luxury within reach for most of us is an electric adjustable bed.  

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed, also often referred to as an electric bed, is in technical terms a multi-hinged lying surface which allows parts to be altered for accommodating preferences for tilting either their upper body, lower body area, or both. The ability to customise the bed’s profile means it can be aligned to the perfect height for whatever level of elevation maximises the sleeper’s comfort. Most feature electric motors as standard and are operated by a control handset (either wired or infrared), allowing the user to change positions without having to get up. 

Versions which feature massage units are also available for people looking to improve circulation.

Who Are Adjustable Beds For?

The most recent report by ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) on American sales of adjustable beds suggests their popularity grew by 30% in 2020. The findings imply that, far from being strictly for medical use, adjustable beds are now a common consideration for anyone seeking the best possible sleeping conditions. Once thought of only as sleeping arrangements for the elderly or people with mobility problems, due to their health and lifestyle advantages these types of bed are rapidly becoming a popular choice for anyone who takes their rest time seriously. 

The variety of colours and headboard styles available means you are no longer limited to hospital-chic when it comes to designing your bedroom. Modern, minimalist or any other sophisticated contemporary look comprised of either metal or wood, fabrics or leather can now be used to complement a room’s décor. You can now choose an adjustable bed to suit your tastes.

The highly functional nature of adjustable beds no longer dictates their style, or rather lack thereof, as traditionally associated with them. In fact, it is now possible to use a bed of this type to elegantly centrepiece your bedroom just as easily as any other fashionable bed would. No longer big, bulky eyesores, as they have grown in popularity a variety of styles and slim line sizes have become available, so you need never compromise on beauty for comfort. 

While adjustable beds with legs are available, divans tend to be the more popular stylistic option. 

Although they provide outstanding comfort for all, if you are suffering from aches and pains, back problems, or some other serious health conditions, then these beds are among the very finest options for night-time relief. They are a particularly good choice of bed for heavier people.

Why Would I Need An Adjustable Bed?

Once you find that sweet spot that elevates your head to just the right place, it becomes clear that adjustable beds are unparalleled in providing comfortable positioning. Bored of that profile? Then realign it to a new height. Adjustable beds effortlessly adapt to your preferences and relaxation needs, so whatever position becomes your new favourite, your bed will make moves to accommodate it. 

With the power of such great comfort at your fingertips, you’ll find yourself falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer, and waking up feeling more refreshed than ever.  

Not content to only provide you with the greatest night’s sleep of your life, at the press of a button adjustable beds also offer a perfect setting for reading or watching TV. By luxuriously cradling your upper body, they help align your eyeline to the ideal level for looking at a book, kindle, or tablet. As a result, your posture feels comfortable for longer, which allows you to read or watch shows for whatever duration you like. 

How Can An Adjustable Bed Benefit Me?

Adjustable beds are essential items for anyone recovering from an injury or needing post-surgery rest. They also offer plenty of health-based relief to the rest of us too. Beyond great comfort, if you are wanting to do any of the following then adjustable beds offer even more benefits:

Choose An Adjustable Bed To Relieve Pain

People suffering from sore joint or muscle pain can ease pressure areas by raising sections of the bed to heights that best suit their sleeping positions. This prevents constant tossing and turning while trying to get comfortable, which makes good quality sleep difficult. Sufferers of conditions such as sciatica and arthritis can find it of particular benefit, vastly improving their quality of life through better sleep.

A study by Versus Arthritis claims that chronic pain affects 34% of the UK population. Sufferers often find an adjustable bed reduces discomfort and improves sleep to a point where they experience better mobility and improved general wellbeing. As a result, it is not uncommon for people to feel an increased sense of empowerment and newfound independence. 

An Adjustable Bed Can Reduce Snoring

For some of us, as we fall asleep and our muscles relax, the softer throat tissues can sag, blocking our airways. This leads to snoring, the sound made by air as it struggles to pass through our airways. While they might not be getting the best quality night’s sleep, anyone lying next to them can expect an even worse day ahead. By lifting the head and keeping airways more open however, an adjustable bed can work wonders in reducing snoring, resulting in a good night’s sleep for all. 

Improve Circulation

If you’re experiencing circulation problems then you can benefit from an adjustable bed. Positioning the bed to raise your legs above heart level for instance, will help with lower body blood flow difficulties, swollen feet and even the risk of developing varicose veins.

Enhance Digestion

According to the NHS, at any given time 40% of people in England are experiencing digestive issues. Stomach discomfort, hiatus hernia, heartburn and gastric reflux after mealtimes can result in restless nights eating away at your sleep. Customising your sleeping position, by raising your bottom half for example, an adjustable bed can help your lower intestine process food more easily. 

Choose An Adjustable Bed To Make Getting In And Out Of Bed Easier

Whether you have mobility problems, are starting to feel the huffs and puffs of movements that naturally come with aging, or are simply trying to make getting in and out of bed as effortless as possible, an adjustable bed can help. The incline / recline function means you can angle the mattress at a position most convenient for you, both for entry and exit from the bed. 

Do I Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed?

Not all mattresses are compatible with an adjustable bed. Spring mattresses, for example, wouldn’t be very comfortable to lie on when applied to these types of beds, and apart from quickly becoming ruined, might even damage the bed too. As you might imagine, the most suitable type of mattresses for adjustable beds are ones that can handle a lot of bending and don’t crease up during movement. 

Most mattresses not specifically designed for adjustable beds are likely to lose their shape very quickly, whereas properly suited ones will readily bend with the frame and effortlessly return to their horizontal shape afterwards. Ideally, the best mattresses should perfectly fit the bed frame and include handles for easy positioning and removal. 

It is crucial that the correct size of mattress is used on an adjustable bed. Ideally one that sits flush with the frame and remains securely in place while the bed profile is being mechanically shifted. A mattress that is too thin will be uncomfortable, however one that is thicker than 25cm may struggle to adapt to the bed’s frequent changes.

Depending on how many parts of your bed can be altered, you might require a mattress that can cope with the demands of being stressed in areas that raise the head, legs and feet. Such pressures require the flexibility and durability always considered in the design of a purposely constructed adjustable bed mattress. 

Although a few standard mattresses can be used, in order to avoid making an expensive mistake it is highly recommended that buyers seek professional bed expert guidance when trying to find the right mattress for an adjustable bed.  

How Long Should It Take To Get Used To A New Bed?

Even if it was distressingly uncomfortable, if you have been sleeping in the same bed for years then thanks to muscle memory, correcting to a new adjustable bed can take a bit of time. During this bedding-in period your back, neck, shoulders, or whole body may feel unusual or even, ironically, uncomfortable. 

Do not despair, it is entirely normal to feel this way about a new bed. Please do not give in to temptation to sleep elsewhere during this awkward period, as it will simply delay the changeover. For some people a smooth transition takes only a few nights, while for others it might require a few weeks. 

Medical Use Electric Beds Are VAT Free

While electric beds are growing in popularity with those who enjoy the finer things in life, they are also still a vital piece of equipment for many. People with long-term illness or registered disabled are exempt from paying VAT on electric beds. This not only includes the cost of the bed, but also the installation, maintenance and accessories. If eligible, be sure to take advantage of it during the check-out process.  

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Need Help Choosing The Correct Adjustable Bed?

Deciding on the best adjustable bed for your needs is dependent on many factors. 

  • Are you wanting separately adjustable sections for yourself and a partner? 
  • Do you need it for a serious medical condition?
  • How many adjustable segments do you want?

There is no need to lose sleep over trying to choose the right electric adjustable bed. Our specialists at Land of Beds pride themselves on their expert knowledge and ability to guide you to the adjustable bed that’s just right for you. 

Our customer-first policy means we listen and give good, independent advice based on the needs of the individual. By pairing consumers up with ethically sourced, affordable, quality products, we provide as many people as possible with a great night’s sleep.  

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