Thinking of buying a new mattress but having trouble working out which type is best for you? Finding the right mattress for your needs is made simple with this ultimate guide. Let us help give you the necessary tools to choose a mattress.

After reading it you will be able to:

  • Decide how firm your mattress needs to be
  • Realise what different types of mattresses do
  • Appreciate how long adjusting to a mattress can take
  • Identify the most suitable mattress for allergy sufferers
  • See if you would benefit from adding a mattress topper
  • Understand what type of mattress will support you best
  • Know about the various mattress spring construction types
  • Confidently choose between natural, synthetic, or memory foam fillings

All You Need To Know In Order To Choose Your Next Mattress

Are you looking for a new mattress but have no idea where to start? There are 1000s of different types and sizes, all with differing tensions, fillings, and feel. We understand that this can be overwhelming when searching for your next great night’s sleep, so we’ve put together the following guide to help steer you through the selection process. 

The right mattress plays a pivotal role in getting a good night’s sleep. People sleeping on the ‘wrong’ mattress can often wake up experiencing back and neck problems, so choosing the right one is key to healthy rest. 

When we consider that a third of our lives are spent in bed, a top-quality mattress seems like a reasonable investment. 

Below you will find a brief description of the different mattress types and how they work, information crucial for choosing a mattress.

Different Types Of Mattresses To Choose From

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Sprung Mattress Icon

Pocket sprung mattresses are among the most popular styles available, providing the sleeper with customised support and comfort where they need it most. 

Each of the individual pocket springs works independently, meaning that there is no transfer of pressure as you move. Pocket springs are a solid choice for those sharing a bed with someone else as there is no “roll-together”. You will be able to have a peaceful night’s sleep without being disturbed by your partner.

Open Coil Mattress

Open Coil Mattress Icon

The open coil is often referred to as the “traditional spring mattress”. An open coil mattress features a series of springs that, unlike pocket sprung, are connected together throughout the whole mattress. Usually a less expensive alternative, open coils offer a great value-for-money high level of support across the whole sleeping surface.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Icon

Memory foam mattresses became popular in 1991 and were initially known as “slow spring back foam”. Providing the sleeper with exceptional levels of comfort and support, memory foam mattresses have increased in popularity over the years. Offering great pressure relief, memory foam is able to adapt to your body shape and night-time movements to enable fantastic pressure-point relief. 

As well as a variety of different mattress spring types, there are also a wide range of fillings to consider, all designed to provide the highest levels of comfort for different types of sleeper.

Different Types Of Mattress Fillings To Choose From

Ever consider what mattresses are made of? You may not be able to see it, but the fillings inside your mattress determine how comfortable it is to sleep on. There are a plethora of mattress fillings available, each offering their own unique benefits.  

Natural Mattress Filling

Natural Mattress Icon

The most common and traditional mattress fillings are natural ones. Natural material filled mattresses usually consists of one or more of the following:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Silk
  • Mohair
  • Bamboo  

Unlike most synthetic materials, natural fillings offer great, balanced temperature control, making them an excellent choice of mattress all year round – suitable for those hot summer nights as equally as those cold winter mornings. So as well as offering a luxurious sleeping surface, they also help regulate your body heat through the night. 

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress Icon

Latex has been called ‘the ultimate natural elastic material’. A huge benefit of Latex filled mattresses is that they easily conform to your body’s weight and shape, thus providing the optimum level of support for a healthy night’s sleep. By allowing the spinal column to rest in a ‘natural position’, Latex helps to keep your blood circulation at its peak, enabling your body to fully relax.

An excellent option for those who are ‘hot sleepers’, Latex encourages maximum breathability. The filling efficiently removes any excess heat and moisture aiding in a cooler night of undisturbed sleep. Another plus point of Latex is that it is a safer option for those with allergies due to its natural, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. 

Foam Mattresses

Foam Filling Mattress Icon

A Foam Encapsulated’ mattress usually accompanies a different type of filling. Foam offers a thick strip that is placed within the edge of the springs. It works by preventing the mattress from slumping, which permits a longer lifespan for the mattress and a more supportive sleeping area.

Gel Mattresses

Gel Mattress Icon

Many opt for a gel filling as they are extremely efficient at regulating body temperature during sleep. This helps aid better air circulation more than traditional mattress options. Gel mattresses offer the same bounce back and pressure release found in memory foam mattresses, but also provide a cooler environment, ideal for those that get too hot at night. 

Choose A Mattress Based On The Type Of Sleeper You Are

Mattresses For Front Sleepers

Girl sleeping on her front

Although front sleeping is not recommended because it can lead to overarching of the natural curvature of the spine, laying on your stomach can be a good way to avoid snoring. For front sleepers our experts suggest opting for a firm or extra firm tension mattress to provide the added support.  

Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Girl sleeping on her back

The majority of UK adults opt for sleeping on their side. Although it can sometimes result in a numb arm it is still the most popular position. If you are a side sleeper, we suggest laying on a softer tension mattress, because spending the night on your side can cause a pressure build-up in the spine. Opting for soft or soft-medium tensions as a side sleeper means you’ll be sleeping on a mattress that moulds to your body shape, alleviating some of that pressure. Memory foam mattresses are often a popular choice for side sleepers.

Mattresses For Back Sleepers

Girl sleeping on her side

Many people in the UK sleep on their back. Sleeping on your back is in fact extremely beneficial when it comes to spinal alignment. 

Those who favour this position should opt for a medium-firm to firm tension. These types of mattresses provide the sleeper with a higher level of lower back support. If you are an avid back sleeper, it might be worth considering a pocket sprung mattress, as the individual pocket springs offer the body a tailored response. 

A Mattress Tension Guide ranging from levels 1-6 To Help You Choose A Mattress

Chosen A Mattress – Do I Need A Mattress Topper?

If you ever feel the need to make your bed softer then an extra layer of cushion called a mattress topper can be added. Essentially a thinner mattress placed on top of an existing one, toppers help raise the profile of a bed for a softer, more comfortable sleeping surface. They are often used to extend the life of a mattress until a new one can be purchased, but are also popular ‘extras’ on brand new beds too.  

Although a practical investment, mattress toppers are also luxury items. Whenever funds allow, a bed should be both, as feeling well-rested is crucial to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Consider adding a mattress topper to your bed by checking out the wide range available at Land of Beds. If you’re unsure if you need one, then consult our Mattress Topper Guide for more information. Additionally, you might want to think about saving your bed from spills with a mattress protector (read our Mattress Protector Guide to learn more).

Adjusting To A New Mattress

If you have been sleeping on the same mattress for years, even one that isn’t very comfortable, the sudden change to resting on a different one can take a while to get used to. During this bedding-in period it is important to give yourself time to adjust and not swap back to your old mattress. Giving in to the temptation to return to your old one will only delay the changeover period and extend the correctional stretch. 

Most people sleeping on a new mattress will rarely experience anything other than a luxurious new resting space, but the few that do have difficulty adjusting should expect the transition to last no longer than a couple of nights, or a month at most.  

Specialist Mattresses

Please be aware that if you’re thinking of getting an adjustable bed then you will need to make sure the mattress is compatible. Likewise, if you’re of a bigger build then you might want to consider reading our guide on How To Choose The Best Bed For Heavier People. There are also extra considerations necessary for mattresses when choosing them for Children’s beds.

Want to know more about mattresses? Check out our guide to flipping and rotating to increase longevity.

Need Help Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Needs?

Deciding on the best mattress type for your needs depends on several factors.

  • What type of sleeper are you?
  • What filling materials do you feel most at ease on?
  • What type of fabric would you be most comfortable with?

There is no need to lose sleep over trying to choose the right mattress type for your bed. Our bed experts at Land of Beds pride themselves on their specialist knowledge and ability to guide you to the mattress that’s just right for you

Our customer-first policy means we listen and give good, independent advice based on the needs of the individual. By pairing consumers up with ethically sourced, affordable, quality products, we provide as many people as possible with a great night’s sleep.  

If you would like help being connected with your ideal mattress , feel free to get in touch with us on 01928 242829