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We have a wide range of brands in our collection. Scroll through the options below to pick a size perfect for you. If you can’t see the size you're after, give our Bed specialists a call on 0800 158 4842 and we can discuss further options.

  • Birlea
  • Breasley
  • Dormeo
  • Dunlopillo
  • Duvalay
  • Fine Bedding Company
  • Friendship Mill
  • Gainsborough Beds
  • Healthbeds
  • Healthopaedic
  • Hestia
  • Highgate Beds
  • Hypnos
  • Jensen Beds
  • Julian Bowen
  • Kaydian
  • Land Of Beds
  • Limelight
  • Medi-Matt
  • MiBed
  • Millbrook
  • Myers
  • Naked Beds
  • Protect A Bed
  • Relyon
  • Rest Assured
  • Salus
  • Sealy
  • Serene Furnishings
  • Silentnight
  • Sleepeezee
  • Slumberland
  • Somnus
  • Stuart Jones
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Tempur

Bed Retailer Of The Year - Supplying Mattresses, Bed Frames, Divan Beds and much more...

Here at Land of Beds we are passionate about supplying our customers with the best divan beds, mattresses and bed frames at the cheapest prices in the UK. We have more than 40 years' experience in the bed industry, both in the high street and online. The company has developed an extensive range of products from some of the best UK bed manufacturers, including Sealy, Relyon, Slumberland, Silentnight, Myers, Dunlopillo, Hypnos, Millbrook and Sleepeezee. At Land of Beds we understand the importance of a regular and consistent sleep pattern and how this can affect quality of life. It is estimated that we sleep around one third of our life time and the average night’s sleep is 8 hours per night. We therefore understand how important it is that our customers choose the right bed for their individual needs. So if you want a good night’s sleep, then you have come to the right place.

We also understand that value for money is one of the most important factors to our customers. Therefore, we are confident that our prices are the most competitive in the UK. We work hard to bring you the best deals around and because we are independent we always provide the best deals. As time is of the essence for many of our customers we have launched a next day delivery mattress and bed frame service were you can get your goods delivered from us the very next day! Check out our 24hr delivery category. We also have a selection of our best selling mattresses, from popular brands like Hypnos, Relyon and Sealy in stock. We cover a wide selection of brands which we deal with on a day to day basis.


Birlea Furniture prides itself on being a leader in design and innovation, setting the trends that others aspire to. Globetrotting to seek out the latest in design ideas and new lines, Birlea are often the first to bring out the latest designs to the UK market. Established in 1988, Birlea are a UK based company who have grown rapidly and have recently moved to larger premises in order to accommodate their large stock holdings. This enables a stress-free experience when buying from Birlea Furniture.


Breasley have 40 years’ experience, in the foam business, under their belt and began with manufacturing pillows, but in 2005 they branched out and formed Breasley Consumer Products. This was the first company to launch a range of vacuum packed mattresses manufactured in the UK. In just 7 years' Breasley Consumer became the UK’s number one vacuum packed mattress provider.


All Concept products are manufactured and tested in the UK, so they comply fully with UK flammability regulations and come vacuum packed so they are easy to transport and deliver to difficult to access rooms. By incorporating memory foam into the Concept Memory Sleep range of sofa beds, Concept have developed a range, that offers the unique pressure relieving and even weight distribution qualities of a visco elastic memory foam with a luxurious softer feel that is unparalleled, in the sitting room.


Dunlopillo pillows and Dunlopillo mattresses mould to your body contours ensuring you have a fantastic night's sleep. Dunlopillo latex dates back to 1929 and their mattress comfort and quality is exemplary. Imagine sleeping on a bed that instantly moulds itself to your body contours, changing its shape throughout the night as you move to always ensure a perfect sleeping posture.

Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company has been established for over 40 years. They have been producing exceptional duvets, pillows and mattress toppers for generations. Famous for their trusted name, their quality and innovation, they have used their knowledge to develop a unique range of fine bedding company duvets, pillows, protectors and mattress toppers to transform the world of sleep.

Friendship Mill

The Friendship Mill Bed Frames are made from the finest Scandinavian pine, this is a much slower growing timber therefore the wood is stronger, it wears better and has a superior finish. Each bed is individually hand finished to the highest standard. Friendship Mill is a fourth generation British business that contains an impressive 100 years of innovative bed designs.

Gainsborough Beds

The Airsprung Group, which Gainsborough Beds are part of, has been going for well over 100 years. From making mattresses in a small workshop in Trowbridge, the Group has grown to become one of the largest bed manufacturers in the UK. At the core of each Gainsborough Bed is the original pocket spring which still offers the most comfortable long lasting support and provides a restful night’s sleep.

Harrison Beds

Harrison Beds have been tailor making beds and mattresses since 1889. For more than 100 years they have been making beds of the highest quality, using only the finest materials. Meticulous attention to detail, traditional values of excellence coupled with innovative design and a unique pocket spring system means that every bed and mattress we create offers you the ultimate sleeping experience.


Healthbeds mattresses, adjustable beds and divans combine traditional craftsmanship with state of the art technology and have been doing so for over 100 years. Each Healthbeds mattress is individually made and the ultimate goal is to help customers achieve a healthy, restful sleep.


Healthopaedic beds and mattresses react to the weight and temperature of your body, they are yielding, yet not too soft. Because this compressed shape is retained without creating counter pressure, you enjoy a feeling of weightlessness that enables you to rest.

Highgate Beds

With over 30 years' experience, Highgate Beds understand precisely what is required to create the perfect sleep environment and know there is no “one size fits all” solution. That’s why Highgate Beds produce such a wide variety of styles - from excellent hypo-allergenic models to luxurious pocket sprung beds with up to 2000 individually wrapped pocket springs.


British luxury bed manufacturer Hypnos have been making bespoke beds and mattresses by hand in the UK for over 100 years, combining traditional skills with modern production techniques. Its reputation for service excellence is further reinforced by a Royal Warrant from HM The Queen. In 2012, Hypnos also became the first carbon-neutral bed maker in the UK. The National Bed Federation awarded Hypnos with the prestigious award for 'Bed Manufactuer of The Year' in 2014-2015. To win this distinguished award the winner has to meet several criteria including investment, sales performance, innovation, marketing and development.

Julian Bowen

Julian Bowen are now approaching 20 years' of supplying the UK retailer with value for money furniture of good design for the ever more discerning consumer. The last few years have seen an enormous growth in the quantity and breadth of Julian Bowen Furniture products offered, resulting in ever-increasing sales to the market.


The Kaydian range of attractive leather and fabric beds offer a luxurious addition to any bedroom setting. Kaydian bedsteads are manufactured to the very highest standards using a solid hardwood mix construction and high density, high resilient foams and fibres complying with British standards BS5852. Each static bed is supplied with a posture sprung beech slat base with metal centre rail support system that ventilates and enhances the mattress.


Kayflex is one of the largest British made vacuum packed mattress companies in the UK. The latest innovation in polyurethane products enables the Kayflex mattress company to manufacture a superb product backed by their comprehensive warranty. As a foam converter, Kayflex products can be tailored to the individuals needs. They can manufacture any desired length, depth and density mattress.

Land of Beds

Land of Beds have been trading for over 40 years, during this time we have developed long standing relationships with the best manufacturers in the UK. We have worked closely with the leading experts in the industry to develop a range of high quality and exceptional vaule for money beds. This range is the best in the business.

Limelight Beds

Limelight Beds have been established for 15 years, supplying us with quality, value for money bedsteads. They are constantly introducing new beds to add to their impressive collection. As with the new bedsteads, Limelight continues to use top quality materials and finishes. The range encompasses both contemporary and traditional bedsteads, in leather, metal, fabric and wood.


MiBed offer a luxury lifestyle on the high street and are the UK’s premier manufacturer of electric adjustable beds. The Furmanac UK MiBed range of motion intelligent beds includes fantastic designs and low prices making them ever tempting to consumers. Each and every Furmanac MiBed is constructed with the highest quality and available in a wide selection of models and styles. All of their beds are made in the UK and are available in a range of sizes.


All Millbrook beds provide the ultimate in sleep luxury. Millbrooks' design philosophy is uncompromising and brings together everything that results in their beds being extra special. Borne out of craftsmanship and the use of the finest quality materials, Millbrook gives you the ultimate in sleep luxury. It is very reassuring in these days of mass production, to find a company totally committed to the traditional ideals of quality and craftsmanship.


Myer's beds have a long and proud history dating back to 1876 of making comfortable beds. While they are committed to staying true to their heritage, they strive to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. They took the opportunity to embrace the latest in bed materials and technology by using Dunlopillo latex which offers instant pressure relief and support, along with temperature regulating natural cotton and wool.


Nicheli UK Ltd produce a high quality range of oak bedsteads. Here at Land of beds we have a fantastic collection of Nicheli bedsteads for all our customers to enjoy and get the best night’s sleep of their lives on. Please look through our collection of their beautiful oak bedsteads, all of which have been meticulously designed and engineered to provide the best comfort money can buy.

Original Bedstead Company

For many years, the Original Bedstead Company have produced some of the world’s finest iron beds, brass beds and wood beds. OBC Beds have become synonymous with classic craftsmanship and design excellence. The first choice of the discerning and a showcase in many glamorous homes. Drawing on skills perfected by the Victorians and taking inspiration from those classic originals, the Original Bedstead Companies talented artisans create masterpieces of stunning quality and beauty.


Protect A Bed is the world's best selling mattress protector, selling in 30 countries and across 5 continents. It is the No 1 recognised brand in the US. The Protect A Bed mattress protector has pioneered the new wave of thin, discreet, breathable and totally waterproof mattress protectors which have now revolutionised the mattress protection. Protect A Bed has continued to innovate and improve mattress protection, launching the first independently, scientifically tested bed bug proof and anti-allergenic encasement system; now successfully patented. Protect A Bed products are classified as a Class 1 medical device by both Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and enjoy the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.


As early as 1984, Relaxsan Magniflex invented and patented the concept of vacuum packing a mattress for convenience and hygiene, thereby revolutionising the bed business forever and raising customer's expectations of what they could demand of their mattress.


Relyon have over 150 years' of experience in natural fillings and this remains their focus to this day. Starting off as wool merchants in 1858 you can be sure to know that Relyon are experts in making luxury and sumptuous beds. Relyon began trading under the family name of Price Brothers and Co. but in 1935 - after a number of years under their belt in the bed industry - they changed their name to Relyon as we know them to this day. Relyon’s reason was quite simple - they wanted to make beds that you could “rely on” for a good night’s sleep.


The Repose beds portfolio represents fresh and affordable collections designed for comfort and style.  The range includes pocket, memory, orthopaedic and comfort collections, along with the guest bed and bedstead mattress range. All models offer affordable practical entry level beds with quality and craftsmanship at the fore as always.

Rest Assured

Rest Assured Beds have been making beautiful beds since 1898. That's over 100 years' experience and insight into the perfect night's sleep. For your complete ease and comfort, their mattresses contain hundreds of springs placed closely together under layers of sumptuous fillings.


In 2009 Salus was launched as part of the Breasley Group. Breasley Consumers Products Ltd grew within 2 years to become the number one producer of vacuum packed mattresses and following their innovations, the natural progression was to launch a new division specialising in manufacturing a premium quality range of mattresses and divan beds.


As experts in the production of beds and mattresses, Sealy are the biggest bed and mattress manufacturer in the world, with a network of specialist businesses from the USA to Australia. It is because of their worldwide presence that they can call upon technological developments around the globe to bring the most advanced sleep systems in beds and mattresses manufactured for the bedrooms of their customers in the UK.

Serene Furnishings

Serene Furnishings were established in 2005 by Tasleem Tasab who is the director of the company. The company has continually innovated and systematically grown, introducing a collection of modern and contemporary styles in bed frames.


Sherborne are a respected company within the furniture industry. Its heritage grew from a small family business into one of the most successful upholstery companies in the United Kingdom. Through three generations of family ownership, the skills of the workforce have been nurtured and developed to enable the highest standards of workmanship to be applied in the manufacture of their upholstery ranges.


Silentnight are located in Barnoldswick, Lancashire and are the UK's largest manufacturer of branded beds for the home. They are also famous for their Hippo and Duck characters, first created to demonstrate the unique "No Roll Together" properties of a Silentnight bed and who now seem to have an identity all of their own. Silentnight's best bed moments over the last 60 years was 'In the first 60 years they manufactured over 40 million beds'.


Zalman Simmons originally founded the Simmons Company in 1870 in the US state of Wisconsin. Over the years, Simmons have been responsible for most of the major innovations in mattress making and has helped shape the way the world sleeps today.


Sleepeezee have been in the bed business since the early 1900’s and have grown and developed into one of the leading divan bed manufacturers in the world. They have developed their ranges and are recognised and highly regarded for their craftsmanship, innovation and design quality. Sleepeezee have built and maintained an enviable reputation for exceptional quality teamed with great value for money.


Slumberland is one of the most recognisable names in the bed industry and has almost 100 years' of experience under their belt. The first products they ever produced were feather pillows and straw and flock mattresses, they have come a long way since then! The production of their first spring mattresses began in the 1920’s, and their production capacity grew from 3500 sq ft to 80000 sq ft between 1925 and 1930.


Somnus have been creating luxury handmade beds since 1840 and their beds are the epitome of extreme comfort in the bed world. Somnus beds continue to make advancements in construction techniques, spring design and the selection of the best natural fillings, some of which are even developed locally on the Somnus Farm. They rapidly built an enviable reputation for the excellent quality and innovation in the manufacture of their luxury beds.

Staples Beds

Staples Beds proudly carry the Royal Warrant. In 1932 a Royal Appointment was granted by King George and has been graciously renewed by each successive monarch including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Staples Beds have a long tradition of quality craftsmanship when it comes to making divan beds and mattresses. With up to ten turns of wire per spring and the very best natural fillings they can find, each mattress is handmade to order by their highly skilled craftsmen and women.

Stuart Jones

Since its establishment in Sussex in 1973, Stuart Jones has a reputation for high quality, handcrafted headboards and upholstered bed frames. Based close to the historic town of Arundel, the business draws on a wealth of traditional local skills to create beautifully made but affordable bedroom headboards, in both contemporary and traditional designs.

Sweet Dreams

In 2008, Sweet Dreams’ managing director Riaz Ahmed picked up two awards for entrepreneurship. This recognition of the founder’s qualities indicates what’s so special about Sweet Dreams. Gratifyingly, the awards came in the year Sweet Dreams celebrated its 20th anniversary. Sweet Dreams understand that the price is critical, especially in tough market conditions. Where a product is sourced, they will keep tight control over the costs.

Vogue Beds

With 20 years' in the business, Vogue Beds know what it takes to create the perfect night’s sleep. Boasting design and technical expertise in the bed industry, Vogue offers an extensive range of products including mattresses made from Latex, Memory Foam, Encapsulated pocket springs, Organic fabrics and also Orthopaedic beds which combine the best in comfort, durability and quality to suit your needs and requirements.


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Relyon Guest Beds Product Focus

Relyon guest beds are the perfect solution for guest bedrooms and children's rooms alike. We carry a fantastic range of Relyon Storabeds and Relyon guest beds so are sure to have something to suit your needs. They're ideal for impromptu guests and sleepovers...

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