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Gainsborough Beds, in business since 1903, is a British bed manufacturer that produces a range of high-quality mattresses and divan beds using natural materials. Well known for their design and attention to detail, buy from our Gainsborough collection today and discover comfort in style.

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Gainsborough Collections

Gainsborough Pillowtop

Gainsborough Pillowtop

Gainsborough Beds have produced an exciting range of beds and mattresses called the Pillowtop Collection. This collection is the epitome of comfort with every mattress including a pillowtop which is designed to offer an extra layer of support and comfort. The natural fillings in these mattresses are paired with a high spring count to give you the very best support while feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud. Indulge in luxury with the Gainsborough Beds Pillowtop Collection.

The mattresses are accompanied by a selection of bases with a range of storage options and a wide selection of colours and fabrics.

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Gainsborough Allure

Gainsborough Allure

Lovingly made here in the UK, the Allure Collection from Gainsborough contains four traditionally made mattresses and divan beds for you to choose from.

Brimming with natural fillings, each of these mattresses features a different comfort grade so you can find something perfect for you within the Allure range.

With responsive pocket springs at their core, this Gainsborough collection offers support that's second to none, as each individual spring adapts to your body shape and sleeping position for tailored comfort each night.

Finished with a soft-touch damask cover with traditional hand tufting, comfort and durability is certain.

All of these mattresses are 100% recyclable at the end of their life span for your peace of mind.

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Gainsborough Sheer

Gainsborough Sheer

When you try the Sheer Collection you will know how it got its name as it is the most comfortable ever bed collection from Gainsborough. Only the best quality fillings have been used and each model is made by hand, it takes real skill to hand side stitch the mattresses. Gainsborough use only the finest materials, for your maximum comfort and support. All of the mattresses in the Sheer Collection contain original hand nested and hand sewn pocketed springs which are key to the life of the mattress. Each spring moves independently and therefore moulds to the shape of your body and adjusts to differing weights. The divans are available in a choice of fabrics, so you are sure to find something to match your decor.

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Learn About Gainsborough


Gainsborough Beds handcraft and upholster luxurious beds using a combination of time served traditional skills complemented by the latest manufacturing developments. They use only the highest grade fillings, cashmere, wool, cotton and silk. The rigorous testing and careful selection of various upholstery combinations delivers the ultimate in comfort and longevity. At the core of each Gainsborough bed the original pocket spring still offers the most comfortable long lasting support to provide a restful night’s sleep.

###Where it all started

From making mattresses in a small workshop in Trowbridge, the Group has grown to become one of the largest bed manufacturers in the UK. Gainsborough were among the first manufacturers to join the National Bed Federation accreditation scheme. The NBF code of practice ensures that all products carrying the official mark is safe, clean and honest. The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) is the leading furniture research body. As full members, Gainsborough benefit from access to testing facilities, technical information and industry expertise. This gives their customers the reassurance that all their products conform to robust safety standards.

###Gainsborough Beds Mattresses

The Gainsborough Beds Mattresses are luxurious and include generous natural fillings to give you the best night's sleep possible. These include cashmere, wool, silk and cotton and individual nested pocket springs.The pocket spring system is the best at providing individual support to the sleeper. The upper layer of springs shape to the body contours while the lower layers absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support.

###Gainsborough Beds Divan Beds

The Gainsborough Beds Divan Sets consist of a mattress and a divan base. These are stylish and come in a choice of fabrics and colours. Gainsborough divan bed bases have been specifically designed to work in conjunction with a Gainsborough mattress to provide the optimum level of support for the individual sleeper. Gainsborough divan beds also offer great storage solutions in the handy drawer options available inside the base.

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