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Discover Komfi, a brand rooted in healthcare tradition, dedicated to excellence, and devoted to accessible well-being. Trusted globally for top-tier products and services, they prioritise your health and happiness, providing unparalleled care and support.

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The KomfiMed mattress collection is the start of your journey of ultimate rest and rejuvenation. Using medically proven foam which is designed to support your body, offer pressure relief and minimise motion transfer, these mattresses will help you sleep deeper each and every night.

The KomfiMed collection offers a diverse range of choices to cater to your individual preferences giving you the epitome of quality in your sleep experience.

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Komfi are a UK based manufacturer of mattresses and they are part of the GNG group who are an approved supplier of the NHS. They pride themselves as the mattress makers of distinction. Komfi use their unique Ecofoam technology in their memory foam mattresses which reduces carbon footprint, and they are confident that this will provide full support for a superior sleep comfort. Komfi mattresses come with a removable washable cover to ensure a hygienic and healthy sleep. Komfi support their legacy in comfort, craft and care with a 10 year guarantee to ensure you will have a stress free sleep with their reassurance.

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