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Lewis & Jones

Lewis & Jones

It's time to experience sleep the way it was meant to be with Lewis & Jones – a timeless and luxurious embrace of nature, technology, and tradition. Proudly designed and handcrafted in Great Britain by passionate crafters Lewis & Jones pride themselves on being tailors of quality sleep.

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Lewis & Jones

Crafting dreams from the very essence of tradition, Lewis & Jones invites you to embrace the comfort, luxury, and blissful sleep that only the finest British sleep artisans can offer.

Lewis & Jones showcases their commitment to British quality, goods, and manufacturing through their bespoke beds and accessories. Rooted in decades-old traditions and infused with a passion for perfection, they are purveyors of the finest sleep experiences, where opulence meets heritage in the realm of exquisite sleep.

Every bed is a masterpiece, born from a blend of artisanal techniques and the finest quality natural materials sourced from across the globe. From ethically sourced timber to sumptuous fabrics, each element is handpicked to weave a tale of comfort and luxury. In every stitch, every carefully placed tuft, and every meticulously crafted bed, their hands work in harmony, weaving tradition, and innovation seamlessly, making them one of the finest tailors of quality sleep.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • What kind of products do they offer?

    They offer high-quality, customisable products such as mattresses divan beds, and headboards tailored to your specifications.

  • How long do Lewis & Jones products last?

    Quality beds are built to last, Lewis & Jones beds are designed with longevity in mind, utilizing materials that resist wear and maintain their shape and support over time. For peace of mind, your Lewis & Jones bed comes with a free 5-year guarantee, showcasing the manufacturer's confidence in their durability.

  • Are they a reputable company?

    Yes, they are a reputable company that has been approved by the National Bed Federation (NBF) ensuring products are manufactured to the highest UK standards.

  • Can I buy on finance?

    Yes, we offer a variety of payment options including buy now, pay later and interest free credit with zero deposit.

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