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Crafting good, honest sleep in the UK since 1858, Relyon combines their rich artisan pedigree with the finest natural fillings to create products you can rely on for a good night’s sleep. Considered among the best in the industry, buy a Relyon product & experience the rest of the champions!

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Relyon Collections

Relyon Heritage

Relyon Heritage

The Heritage is a collection of nine different models, combining the very best in high quality natural fillings with traditional skills to create the most luxurious hand-crafted beds. This collection is what it says in the title, a Heritage collection with over 160 years of cultivated expertise, craftsmanship and excellence. These specifically are showing us that traditional hand-crafting is still alive. We want to sell you unique, one of a kind beds, with the heart and soul of Relyon put into it.

Nothing beats true heritage.

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Relyon Royal

Relyon Royal

The Royal Collection from Relyon is a superb collection of handcrafted divan sets and mattresses exclusively made for AIS members. All Royal mattresses are traditionally hand side stitched, upholstered with natural fillings and use a pocket spring system which is the best at providing individual support to the sleeper, so eliminating partner disturbance. The mattresses come with a choice of spring tensions, so you can find a feel that suits you. They are double sided so need turning for optimum performance, comfort and longevity of the mattress.

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Relyon Ortho Pocket

Relyon Ortho Pocket

The Relyon Ortho Collection is a collection of four different models with firmer tensions, incorporating the very best in high quality natural or memory foam with traditional skills to create the most luxurious hand-crafted beds. Although it is firm, it is incredibly comfortable allowing you to relax and have a great nights sleep. These specifically are showing us that traditional hand-crafting is still alive. We want to sell you unique, one of a kind beds, with the heart and soul of Relyon put into it.

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Relyon Roll Up Mattresses

Relyon Roll Up Mattresses

We offer a selection of convenient Relyon roll up mattresses. These are compressed, rolled and vacuumed packed for easy transportation making them easy to take upstairs, through small stairways and loft spaces. They are packed to around a quarter of their full size and once in your room, the mattresses can be unpacked in minutes, then wait for just two hours and the mattress is ready to use.
You can purchase and take away from your retailer on the same day in most instances.
The best quality should be expected with the Relyon roll-up mattresses, but for a great price.

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Relyon Exclusive

Relyon Exclusive

Relyon has granted us access to an exclusive collection to help deliver great nights sleep to our Land of Beds customers. Combining over 160 years of bed-making experience with our passion to help as many people as possible to sleep better The Relyon Exclusive Collection will contribute to a consistent sleeping pattern that will ultimately improve your quality of life.

Named after palatial clouds to exaggerate the dreamy night’s sleep you will experience; each design features a sumptuous pillowtop for cushioning comfort. Beneath each luxurious pillowtop features natural fillings from insulating wool, soft silk, opulent cashmere and premium Dunlopillo® Latex known for its responsiveness and pressure reliving properties for a superior nights sleep.

Each mattress features a supportive core of pocket springs that have been designed to provide unrivalled support to the individual sleeper. Every spring works independently to keep your body elevated, providing body contouring support as soon as you descend into bed and move throughout the night.

All enveloped in a soft to the touch and breathable damask cover your ticket to drift off into pure bliss each night is within this Exclusive Collection.

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Relyon Classic

Relyon Classic

Every mattress and divan in our Relyon Classic Collection comes complete with pocket springs combined with the finest quality natural mattress fillings. The spring counts range up to 2850, finished with hand side stitching and fabric sourced from the leading Belgian fabric mills for a soft to the touch feel.

With the additional side stitching on this range, it extends the sleeping area to the mattress edge by supporting the mattress walls.

The pocket spring system is the best at providing individual support to the sleeper. The upper part of the springs shape to the body contours while the lower part absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support. As a rule of thumb the higher the number of individual springs, the more support will be provided to the sleeper.

The Classic Pocketed Collection offers superb quality and comfort with simply outstanding value.

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Relyon Contemporary

Relyon Contemporary

Every mattress and divan in the Relyon Contemporary Collection comes with either pocket springs or traditional springs, which are combined with the finest quality mattress fillings. The spring counts range up to 2800 with a choice of Natural, Latex or Memory Foam fillings, to ensure you get the right support and comfort level guaranteeing a good night's sleep every night.

The Contemporary Collection consists of a wide range of divan beds and mattresses. This collection provides various tensions making sure your bed gives you the very best support depending on your needs. They focus mainly on the back, neck and spine by actively maintaining optimum body posture whilst you sleep. There will be one to suit all tastes and comfort levels. The range consists of Divan Beds, Mattresses and Headboards.

Take advantage of Relyon’s many years of bed making experience with their Peace of Mind 8 Year Guarantee on all bed sets and mattresses in their Contemporary Collection.

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Relyon Memory

Relyon Memory

The Relyon Memory Collection contains a wide selection of memory foam mattresses specifically designed to relieve that extra pressure after a long day.

Memory foam is an innovative material designed to shape itself to the contours of your body and then spring back into shape when pressure is released. Memory foam mattresses can offer valuable sleep support in a number of ways, such as enhancing circulation, equalizing pressure to relieve back problems, promote better spinal alignment, and reducing the effect of allergens for a fresher, healthier night's sleep.

Relyon have incorporated advanced materials into your memory foam mattress which are designed to help regulate your sleeping temperature.

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Learn About Relyon


Perfecting their craft for over 160 years, Relyon are now one of the leading UK bed manufacturers, and one that you can truly ‘rely-on’. Founded in 1858 by a Somerset family of wool merchants, they set out to design and manufacture only the highest quality, hand-made, natural mattresses. Something they have continued to do today, delivering on their company philosophy, ‘your comfort is our paramount priority.’

The company invests time and craftsmanship in every bed that carries the Relyon name – each one expertly blended and a tribute to their famously exacting standards. They were the first bed manufacturing company to be awarded a highly prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark by the Worshipful Company of Furniture.

Quality is important throughout the company's organisation, and they are dedicated to the principles of ISO9000/2000 (an organisation committed to setting ambitious standards for customer needs). They were the first ever bed manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious Production Guild Mark of the Worshipful Company of Furniture.

From divan beds, guest beds, bed bases, ottomans, headboards, mattresses and pillows Relyon’s meticulous diligence at every stage combined with using only the very finest materials on offer, ensures that their reputation for excellence is kept, and only the highest quality products made.

The environment and sustainability are also key drivers in the company's ethos. They were the first company to develop recyclable mattresses back in 1858 and have now become the second bed manufacturer in the UK to achieve the ISO 14001 environmental award, proving their commitment to reducing waste & energy use. All timber used is FSC certified.

Rich in history, and decorated with numerous awards, they truly are a brand you can rely on.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Are Relyon still trading?

    One of the UK’s most popular mattress brands, they are still a thriving part of the bed industry.

  • Is Relyon a British company?

    Yes - they are a British company based in Somerset, England.

  • How long have they been making beds and mattresses?

    Operating for over 160 years, they originated in 1858 under the name Price Brothers and Co. They changed their name to Relyon in 1935.

  • Who owns Relyon?

    Relyon Beds Limited is a privately owned mattress and bed maker with over 160 years of bed manufacturing experience.

  • Are Relyon and Dunlopillo the same company?

    Yes, both companies are owned by Relyon Beds Ltd.

  • Are their beds any good?

    Yes. They have been crafting high quality products in the UK since the 19th century - often hailed as 'the best beds in the world'.

  • Are their products expensive and worth the money?

    The price of their products reflects the craftsmanship that has gone into the product, making them exceptional value for money.

  • Why choose them?

    A company with over 160 years’ experience is not to be sniffed at. Even before changing their name from the Pierce Brothers and Company to Relyon in 1935 their mantra was ‘your comfort is our paramount priority’. This mantra stays the same over 160 years later!

  • How long do their products last?

    Their products are designed and engineered for longevity. Many products come with extended warranties, giving you confidence in your investment.

  • Can I get products on finance at Land of Beds?

    Yes, we offer a range of payment choices. These options include utilising different financing alternatives like Interest-Free Credit, Pay Monthly Options, as well as Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna.

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