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Warranties and guarantees

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a warranty and a guarantee?

    A guarantee covers any faults or manufacturing defects within the stated time period. Therefore, you are entitled to either a free repair or replacement product if a flaw is found. Whereas a warranty covers the same, but after 12 months, you are eligible to pay towards the cost of the replacement product – subject to the specific manufacturers' terms and conditions.

  • What is covered by the guarantee?

    A guarantee covers any manufacturing defects or faults with the product. This does not include a cover for any normal wear and tear.

  • What could invalidate my guarantee?

    To protect your guarantee, you should be mindful of the environment around it, follow the care guide and avoid using the goods with any incompatible products. i.e., using an old or damaged base with a new mattress or a bed frame with too wide slats.

  • When does my guarantee start?

    Your guarantee begins when you have taken delivery of the goods - we would recommend that you register this with the manufacturer as soon as possible.

  • Does my guarantee start again with the replacement product?

    No, your guarantee applies to the original product - the date when you received your first product.

  • How do I register my guarantee?

    Documentation with the manufacturer's warranty or guarantee information will be enclosed when you receive your product. Many of these will require you to register your guarantee with the company.

  • How do I claim against my guarantee?

    To claim your product guarantee, we must complete an investigation, including obtaining photos and showing whether there is a fault. This might require a technician inspection and completing our aftercare form - our customer care team will be more than happy to help.

  • Are there any charges involved when claiming as part of a guarantee?

    With a guarantee, there are not usually charges involved. Any warranty claims are chargeable on a sliding scale depending on how long you have had the product. This information will be clearly stated on the warranty information you received with the product. If you require more information about the charges, our customer care team will be happy to help work this out for you. Please note, if a technician is required to carry out a report this may be chargeable.

  • What is the process for deciding a fault?

    We require photographs to be sent to our customer care team via email and a completed aftercare form to decide if the product is faulty. Our team will thoroughly investigate this - if we require further information to decide whether there is a fault, we may need to appoint an independent technician to visit your home. After this report is received, a decision will be made, and next steps will be advised to you by our team.

  • How does an independent technician report work?

    An independent technician report is commissioned to investigate whether the product has a manufacturing fault. We work with the industry gold-standard companies Home Serve & Castalan. They will contact you directly to book a suitable time and date for a home visit; they will write an independent report, which will be shared with us, the manufacturer and yourself. We will adhere to the report's findings, which must be agreed to in writing before the process can begin.

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