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Adjust-A-Bed is dedicated to enhancing sleep and well-being with top-quality electric adjustable beds. Your path to ultimate rest starts here

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As a UK-based manufacturer of premium adjustable beds, Adjust-A-Bed is on a mission to enhance your sleep. They firmly believe that quality rest is the bedrock of a happy and healthy life.

Redefining Comfort

Founded by a passionate team of sleep enthusiasts, their vision is clear: to become the leading provider of electric adjustable beds. Their products are thoughtfully designed with sleep science at the forefront, fostering improved circulation, relieving pressure points, and addressing common sleep issues like snoring and acid reflux.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Adjust-A-Bed uses the finest materials and enforces rigorous quality control standards to meet the highest levels of excellence. They aim to empower individuals to take charge of their sleep health, enabling everyone to enjoy personalised sleep comfort and lead a fuller life.

Elevate Your Sleep Health

Optimal sleep is vital for physical and mental revitalization. Transform your bedroom and your sleep experience today with Adjust-A-Bed!

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Where is Adjust A Bed based?

    Dewsbury, England.

  • Do their products come with a warranty?

    Yes, five years.

  • Can I buy on finance?

    Absolutely! We have a range of payment options available including zero deposit, interest free credit and buy now pay later with Klarna.

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