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Perfecting the art of crafting luxury handmade beds fit for royalty for more than 100 years, Hypnos, now in its fourth & fifth family generations, is a UK-based bed and mattress manufacturer. Designed to deliver a deep, energising night’s rest, buy a Hypnos product today & find that comfort is king!

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Hypnos Collections

Hypnos Origins

Hypnos Origins

Hypnos are committed to ethical and sustainable bed making, they believe that designing beds with natural comfort that helps improve your health and quality of life shouldn’t cost the earth.

The Hypnos Origins Collection has been created with responsibly sourced materials at the forefront without having to compromise on comfort. All the natural fillings that go into the Origins mattresses have been sourced from fully audited and traceable farmers and growers.

Sumptuous Red Tractor Assured Farms British Wool has been used as a natural insulating layer so you can stay well rested all year round, the temperature regulating properties of wool will allow you to have an undisturbed sleep. Red Tractor Assured Farms adhere to rigorous standards that cover the full farm supply chain, including animal welfare, traceability, and environmental protection.

Hypnos work with other organisations from The Woolkeepers®, Better Cotton Initiative and CottonConnect to ensure that the fillings are fully traceable. They have been awarded the Queens Award For Sustainable Development, which is only given to those who can demonstrate outstanding sustainability achievements and whose environmentally-sound products benefit the environment.

With this magnificent collection, you can revel in cushioning comfort and optimum support night after night knowing you are helping dedicated British farmers provide premium fillings and make the world a better place.

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Hypnos Pillow Top

Hypnos Pillow Top

Indulge in your own cocoon of comfort with The Hypnos Pillowtop Collection. Generous layers of Red Tractor Assured British Wool have been packed into a sumptuous pillowtop layer that sits on top of the surface.

As you descend onto a Hypnos Pillowtop mattress your body will be greeted with body-hugging comfort from the pillowtop layer, almost like falling onto a cloud. Beneath this layer innovative springs will catch your body and keep it elevated and supported; these springs will shadow each movement you make throughout the night for optimum support. Working alongside the army of springs is natural fillings from British wool, ingenious eOlus fibres, breathable cotton, hygienic Solotex and many more.

This luxurious collection is the height of luxury where both comfort and support are unrivalled. You will wake feeling refreshed every morning after a blissful nights sleep, spoil yourself and bring home one of Hypnos' Pillow Top Mattresses today.

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Hypnos Eden

Hypnos Eden

The Hypnos Eden Project Collection combines 120 years of bed-making with the aligned vision of making sustainable choices to help combat the climate crisis.

Crafted in intimate collaboration with The Eden Project, The Eden Collection by Hypnos harnesses the power of nature's bounty showcasing the potential of botanicals to offer three exquisitely handcrafted mattresses. Laden with organic fibres, these mattresses delicately cradle each limb, promoting temperature regulation, effectively managing moisture, and devoid of any synthetic chemicals.

Both partners respect the importance of working partnerships that create opportunities for people and nature in respecting, protecting, and repairing our precious planet.

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Hypnos Exclusive

Hypnos Exclusive

Made exclusively for Land of Beds Hypnos has handcrafted a luxurious Exclusive Collection. A perfect marriage of natural fillings and Reactive pocket springs will comfort you after a long day and prepare you for another one tomorrow.

Ground-breaking Reactive Turn pocket springs are featured in all these gorgeous mattresses. These springs have been designed to provide optimum support for a relaxing nights sleep, the number of turns in each spring increases its ability to be able to sense the exact amount of pressure relief and support required for the individual sleeper for an undisturbed sleep.

All hand tufted and enveloped inside a premium cover filled with comforting natural layers from British wool, cooling cotton, unique eOlus sustainable fibre and many more these exclusive beds will transport you into a blissful nights sleep and leave you waking up feeling refreshed.

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Hypnos Origins Comfort

Hypnos Origins Comfort

The Origins Comfort Collection offers organic comfort and support. Your great nights sleep starts here with this beautiful collection.

Expertly sourced by passionate farmers and growers within Great Britain the natural fillings used in these great designs offer body-hugging comfort and maximum support. As you fall into a deep sleep Reactive Turn pocket springs will shadow your bodys movements for immense support, fully traceable Red Tractor Assured wool will add sumptuous layers of comfort and offer exceptional temperature regulation.

Hypnos are proud to have received the Queens Award For Sustainable Development for demonstrating outstanding sustainability and using products that benefit the environment. Inside these magnificent designs, there are unique fibres extracted from useful resources that prove why Hypnos deserve this award, such as Kapok from the Kapok tree that has impressive moisture wicking properties, ethically grown flax and hemp for comfort and natural hypoallergenic properties. Hypnos have also developed an ingenious eOlus ™ Sustainable Fibre that comes from re-using discarded polymer-based bottles for enhanced breathability and cushioning comfort within their products.

Knowing exactly what is inside the mattress you are sleeping on and being conscious of their point of origin will allow you to rest easy knowing that you are helping the planet one nap at a time.

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Hypnos Origins Indulgence

Hypnos Origins Indulgence

The Hypnos Origins Indulgence Collection will exceed your expectations, each mattress contains ethically sourced fillings for a premium nights sleep.

Handcrafted in Great Britain by passionate crafters each mattress in the gorgeous collection has its own unique filling that separates them from the rest. The clever use and placement of fillings in these superb beds allow them to be seasonal turn, so you can indulge in comfort all year round.

In the Indulgence Sublime you can expect to dive into pure luxury as your body is welcomed by a 7 Turn Reactive spring system for exceptional support, unique Kapok fibres sourced from the Kapok tree for sublime temperature regulation, and resourceful use of flax, hemp and Himalayan Allo fibre which has wool like properties but is both biodegradable and renewable.

The Indulgence Superior features a fully qualified 9 Turn Reactive spring system along with sustainable natural fillings that work in harmony with the springs to keep you elevated, supported and anchored for a restful nights sleep.

The Indulgence Majestic lives up to its name for having impressive beauty. The sumptuous fillings used in this great design allow for a regal sleeping experience. The amount of turns in the spring increases their ability to provide unrivalled support, in this mattress you have 10 Turn Reactive spring system and a eco-friendly graphite-infused layer for anchoring support and exceptional pressure relief.

All encased in a chemical-free cover and all 100% recyclable at their end of life these impressive designs are beyond compare.

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Hypnos Ortho

Hypnos Ortho

Leave your aches and pains in your nightmares as The Hypnos Ortho Collection carries you into a dreamy nights sleep. Designed to promote better, healthier sleep these ingenious creations will provide targeted maximum support.

What sets the Hypnos Ortho Collection apart from any other orthopaedic mattresses on the market is their unique ReActive Turn pocket springs. This exclusive design is a single continuous spring that has been trained to sense the exact amount of support required for the individual sleeper. It distributes weight evenly to prevent the build-up of pressure and promotes healthy posture. The more turns in the spring create a much more supportive element to the mattress and make the spring more qualified to target the areas that require the most support and pressure relief.

These innovative sleeping surfaces have not only been filled with impressive springs but also with sustainably sourced natural fillings that compliment the spring system perfectly. Each filling has its own individual benefits that work with the springs for an undisturbed nights sleep from Red Tractor Assured Farms British Wool that acts as a natural insulator offering warmth during the winter and coolness during the summer, Organic cotton layers for breathability and innovative eOlus sustainable fibre that is made from discarded polymer-based bottles to increase airflow for a hygienic surface. All these premium fillings inject exquisite comfort levels and are all enveloped into a chemical-free soft-to-the-touch cover.

This Ortho collection offers maximum support, not only as a solution for those who require it to aid health problems but for those who prefer a firmer mattress.

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Learn About Hypnos


Hypnos Beds is a well-known British family-run business that has been perfecting the art of crafting luxury pocket spring mattresses and beds by hand for over a century. Their commitment to superior artistry and producing some of the most comfortable beds globally has earned them numerous awards and accolades, including a Royal Warrant, Bed Manufacturer of the Year, and the Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade and Sustainable Development.

In addition to its exceptional products, Hypnos Beds takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and continually seeks ways to support its customers, suppliers, farmers, and communities. One such example is their partnership with Magic Breakfast, a charity that supplies healthy breakfasts and support to schools in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

Hypnos Beds is also committed to sustainable designs and responsible sourcing. As the first carbon-neutral bed maker in the UK, they have formed partnerships that reflect their dedication to social and environmental responsibility, such as their collaboration with the Eden Project and their association with Red Tractor Food and Farming Standards.

Now selling worldwide and offering a variety of products in their catalogue, including:

  • Mattresses - Made using luxurious materials and crafted by hand to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

  • Hypnos also offers a range of Mattress Toppers and Pillows designed to provide exceptional support and comfort for a great night's sleep.

  • To complete the perfect sleep experience, Hypnos also offers a range of Divan Beds, Bed bases and Headboards all made to the same high standards as their mattresses, ensuring that customers can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable night's sleep.

  • Hypnos mattress protectors and Pillow protectors will help protect your new investment, keeping them clean and hygienic.

Hypnos' philosophy and pursuit of perfection have earned consumers' trust since 1904, helping sleepers achieve years of sumptuous and comfortable sleep. Hypnos is a reputable, dependable, and responsible company that values quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

We offer a wide selection of Hypnos mattresses, headboards and pillows to accompany your new mattress and ensure a good night's sleep.


Our team of award-winning bed experts are on hand to help you with any purchases. As a family run, independent bed shop, we are able to offer free, impartial advice to help you get the product that best suits you. Give them a call on 01928 242829 or click here to email us. Alternatively, use the chat feature on our website or visit one of our showrooms. A warm welcome awaits!

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Is Hypnos a British company?

    Yes, they are a British, family-run business, currently managed and led by fourth and fifth generation family members. With establishments worldwide, Hypnos’s registered UK address is Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.

  • Is Hypnos a good company?

    Considered one of the market leaders, Hypnos are a respected and prestigious company making quality, sustainable products. They have earned many accolades including a Royal Warrant and the only bed manufacturer to win The National Bed Federation's "Bed Manufacturer of the Year" three times. They have also been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade and for Sustainable Development.

  • How long do Hypnos products last?

    Designed and engineered for longevity, many Hypnos products come with extended warranties.

  • Are Hypnos products expensive and worth the money?

    Hypnos are a quality firm making exceptional quality goods. As such, the price of their products reflects the craftsmanship that has gone into the product. However, Hypnos goods do offer exceptional value for money.

  • Can I get Hypnos products on finance at Land of Beds?

    Yes, you absolutely can get finance, providing you are spending more than £250, We have a variety of buy now pay later, interest free credit and pay monthly options to help you do so. Phone application, online application or in store application choose which suits you best – each only takes 10 minutes or so.

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