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Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks

Crafting sleep since 1840, Harrison Spinks, a UK-based, fifth-generation family business, specialises in homegrown, hand-crafted beds and mattresses. Their products will change the way you sleep because of their innovative products, commitment to sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

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Harrison Spinks Collections

Harrison Spinks Loop

Harrison Spinks Loop

Harrison Spinks brings you the Loop mattresses. A range of express mattresses that are available in different types of fillings to suit your needs. All Loop mattresses are fully recyclable at the end of life and feature a chemical-free wool cover to help provide freshness and a healthy sleeping surface.

All our Loop mattresses also feature Harrison Spinks Ecotex fibres which are designed to provide excellent levels of comfort and support plus have breathable properties that encourage airflow throughout the mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature as you sleep.

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Harrison Spinks Pillowtop

Harrison Spinks Pillowtop

Surrender yourself to luxury with The Harrison Spinks Pillowtop Collection. Designed for full body support and body-hugging comfort these gorgeous pillowtops have been filled with sustainable natural fillings and will aid in improving sleep quality.

As you dive into your cosy escape the pillowtop layer will gently absorb body weight offering cushioning comfort, award-winning spring technology will contour perfectly to you body and cradle you underneath the surface for a blissful nights sleep. If you have ever imagined what it would feel like to sleep on a cloud this Pillowtop collection will exceed all your expectations.

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Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn

Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn

Harrison Spinks are world leaders in sustainable comfort, since 1840, sleep has been their craft and many years of research and dedication have gone into creating The Seasonal Turn Collection. Sumptuous natural fillings have been injected into one mattress to create two different sleeping surfaces, a cosy winter side and a cooling summer side.

The natural properties of a wool blend close to the surface create a natural insulating layer to keep you cosy during winter nights, whilst on the other side a cooling cotton blend will aid in regulating your body temperature and wick away any moisture for a fresh and dry sleeping surface that will keep you cool.

Spend less time tossing and turning trying to tuck your toes under the covers or trying to find the cold side of the pillow and stay in a longer and deeper sleep with this innovative collection. Rotating your mattress for the first 12 weeks is recommended for the bedding in period, from then your mattress should be spun 180 degrees monthly and turned over every six months – a good way to remember to turn your mattress is when the clocks changes.

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Harrison Spinks Turn Free

Harrison Spinks Turn Free

Harrison Spinks are always pushing the boundaries to become the most sustainable bed manufacturer, they are currently world leaders in luxury sustainable comfort and are experts at crafting mattresses which support healthy sleep. The Turn Free Collection offers exceptional support without the need to turn it with the seasons.

Each mattress has been filled with luxurious fillings from innovative wool blend, super soft silk and cashmere fibres, and unique use of hemp and flax for absorbing moisture. There are plenty of possibilities in this knowledgeable collection. You can rest easy knowing each filling is sustainably sourced and the mattress is 100% recyclable at end of life.

Perfect for people who have difficulty lifting a turn free mattress is a great option to consider. Regular rotation from head to toe will extend the mattress life span and allow all the sumptuous natural fillings to work to their highest performance.

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Harrison Spinks

Your Path to a Blissful Sleep: Over 180 Years of British Craftsmanship

Harrison Spinks, a Yorkshire-based British bed manufacturer, has been crafting high-quality beds, mattresses, and bedding products for over 180 years. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Harrison Spinks is dedicated to providing customers with the ultimate sleep experience.

Sustainable Manufacturing for a Greener Future

At Harrison Spinks, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. As the only bed company in the UK that owns a farm, they take pride in producing their own fillings and materials. With over 600 sheep on their 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire, they ethically rear sheep for their natural wool. They also grow natural fibres like hemp and flax without the use of pesticides, ensuring their materials are hypoallergenic, sustainable, and breathable for a comfortable sleep. Moreover, they design and manufacture 100% recyclable springs, making them market leaders in sustainable development.

World Leaders in Sustainable Comfort Innovation

Harrison Spinks aspires to be a global leader in sustainable comfort innovation. They continuously strive to improve their products and processes to minimise their environmental impact. With a focus on renewable energy sources and waste reduction, they have received numerous awards and certifications for their sustainability efforts. By employing local farmers and expert craftsmen and craftswomen, they ensure the durability and quality of their products while supporting the local community.

Beautifully Crafted Collections to Meet Your Unique Needs

Understanding that everyone has unique preferences and budget considerations when choosing a sleeping platform, Harrison Spinks offers a range of collections designed to meet various needs.

Recognised Excellence

Harrison Spinks has been recognised with numerous prestigious awards. Since 2013, they have been awarded a total of seven Queen's and King's Awards, more than any other bed manufacturer. Their commitment to innovation and international trade has recently earned them two esteemed King's Awards for Enterprise. Additionally, they retain their Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development, showcasing their ongoing dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

A Full Range of Sleep Solutions

Harrison Spinks offers a wide selection of sleep products to complete your perfect sleep environment. From mattresses and divans to bed frames, headboards, and bedding accessories, they are committed to providing comfortable and supportive solutions for a restful night's sleep. With their extended warranties, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your investment in Harrison Spinks products is protected.

So, experience the exceptional craftsmanship, sustainability, and comfort of Harrison Spinks. Shop today and choose the sleep products that align with your needs and preferences, and embark on a journey to blissful sleep.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Are they a good brand?

    Most definitely. Offering sustainable, home grown, handmade, quality products, Harrison Spinks are one of the world’s best known bed makers.

  • Where are they based?

    A UK company based in Leeds, they also own a farm in North Yorkshire. This is where the fillings for their mattresses and pillows are home grown and reared.

  • Do they employ local people?

    Yes, they currently employ over 700 staff and takes pride in supporting and providing employment to local people. Working effectively as a team, they ensure that each product is of the highest quality.

  • Can I buy beds on finance?

    Yes, we offer various finance options including interest free credit and buy now pay later.

  • Can you deliver Harrison Spinks products?

    We certainly can! Add this handy service at checkout.

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