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Highgrove Beds

Highgrove Beds

Made in the UK using only the finest materials and components, including German-engineered pocket-spring systems, Highgrove Beds continues to supply a wide choice of sleep products with the highest levels of quality and value. You, too, can feel the peace of sleep with a Highgrove product!

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Highgrove Beds Collections

Highgrove Dreamworld

Highgrove Dreamworld

As one of the UK’s fastest growing bed brands Highgrove are committed to delivering customers with a night of great sleep. The Highgrove Dreamworld Collection combines market leading sleep science across each design.

Available in a range of tensions you will find a cosy escape best suited to you. Within this range you will endure a revolutionary sleeping experience as you stumble across high tech ErgoSense Technology, unlike regular memory foam ErgoSense reacts immediately to pressure applied to create a sense of weightlessness providing exceptional pressure relief. As you look further into the collection you will find clever AdvantEdge foam encapsulation which widens the total sleep surface supporting you right to very edge of the mattress so you can drop off to sleep, not the bed.

All enveloped in unique breathable covers for a refreshing slumber, discover your perfect sleep experience and indulge in comfort and support night after night with The Highgrove Dreamworld Collection.

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Highgrove EQ

Highgrove EQ

Three different tensions all offering undeniable comfort and support The Highgrove EQ Collection has been specially designed to guarantee a better quality of sleep. The main benefits to memory foam are the way it shapes itself to the contours of your body offering valuable support as well as enhancing circulation, equalizing pressure to relieve back problems and promoting better spinal alignment which will aid a host of health problems.

Escape the ordinary with The Highgrove Escape, perfect for those who prefer a softer tension with comforting support and all the benefits of memory foam.

Retreat means a quiet secluded place in which one can rest and relax, The Highgrove Retreat has a medium tension for pampering comfort and support allowing you to have a blissful night’s sleep with no disruption.

The Highgrove Sanctuary will become your safe and peaceful haven, a firmer comforting place of refuge from the worries of the world offering you a protected and comforting night’s sleep.

What sets the EQ collection apart from other memory foam mattresses on the market is the use of EQ fibres that have been woven into the luxury cover to ensure that a cooler body temperature is maintained for better quality, deeper sleep. EQ Gel provides exceptional surface comfort whilst managing moisture dispersion and ventilation for a healthier night's sleep.

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Highgrove Exclusive

Highgrove Exclusive

Revel in luxury and exclusivity with The Highgrove Excusive Collection. Designed to serve Land of Beds customers with a great night’s sleep, Highgrove have combined a wide range of their knowledgeable sleep innovations with inventive German engineered spring systems to create the perfect recipe for a great nights sleep.

From natural fillings to ingenious foam and durable fibres these sumptuous sleeping surfaces will offer exceptional comfort levels and constant body support. Each mattress has been created to offer different levels of support to carry your body into a dreamy night of sleep.

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Highgrove Beds

Highgrove Beds are a privately owned, family run business which pride themselves on quality, service and delivery. Highgrove Beds policy is to offer a wide range of products to suit everybody’s budget and offering comfort of the highest level for all its customers. The Highgrove Beds collection is built from the finest quality components and finished to a high standard of quality and workmanship. This has become the foundation for Highgrove Beds success, in order to expand their collections further they have invested heavily in new plant machinery and their own transport fleet to meet modern demand and expectancy. Highgrove have been changing the way people sleep for many years improving your sleep quality to offer a true and real difference to your health and well-being offering ultimate support and balance to where you spend a third of your life.

Highgrove Beds offer three bed ranges, The AdvantEdge Pocket Collection, The Natural Pocket Collection and The Luxury Value Pocket Collection.

The Highgrove AdvantEdge WideAsleep mattresses features a high-density foam encapsulation that has been designed to widen your total sleep surface, preventing roll-off and edge breakdown, which means you can stretch out and all the mattress surface will support you, even at the edge, making it perfect for those lazy morning lie ins!

Highgrove Beds Natural Collection combines a KineTech Pocket Spring System with luxurious fillings, such as a rich mix of wool, silk and cashmere. All the fillings are sourced in the UK, ensuring that the highest quality fibres are selected. Natural fillings will help to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and comes with a choice of comfort and support options to suit your personal needs. The cover also includes Tencel which will help with water dispersion giving you a healthy surface climate.

The Luxury Value Pocket Collection offers a wide choice with exceptional value. The range provides you with exceptional value for high quality specifications. All mattresses feature Highgrove’s KineTech Pocket Spring System which will provide you with enhanced spinal support, combined with varying levels of luxurious fillings. You can choose from a soft feel to a firmer feel to suit your preferred comfort.

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