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Introducing Mammoth, a brand with a rich healthcare heritage, commitment to excellence, and passion for accessible well-being. They offer top-quality products and services trusted worldwide. Experience exceptional care and support from a brand that values your well-being.

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Mammoth is a healthcare brand that has a strong foundation in providing accessible, healthy choices to everyone.

Originating from the UK healthcare sector, Mammoth has received recognition from the NHS for its innovative sleep and rehabilitation products. Their goal is to make these exceptional products readily available to individuals who want to improve their overall well-being.

Mammoth initially entered the consumer mattress and health education services markets, which quickly gained popularity among professional athletes. In sports, even small improvements in health can make a significant difference between winning an Olympic gold medal and not making it to the podium. It's no wonder that elite athletes have embraced Mammoth's offerings. Through partnerships with respected organisations like the British Athletes Commission and other prominent sports bodies, Mammoth has served Olympic gold medalists, Premiership titleholders, and celebrated individuals in rugby, football, and cricket. The trust placed in Mammoth by these sports stars speaks volumes about the brand's reliability, assuring you that you can also benefit from their sleep and comfort solutions.

Dr. Jonathan Bloomfield, Mammoth's Chief Education Director and sleep expert, brings extensive knowledge and experience in sleep science and human performance. With a background in elite sports, Dr. Bloomfield is one of the leading authorities in the UK on sleep, fatigue, and human performance. Mammoth is dedicated to providing comprehensive education and support, empowering individuals to make informed and healthy choices that positively impact their long-term well-being.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • What sets them apart from other brands?

    Mammoth stands out with its rich heritage in healthcare, commitment to excellence, and passion for accessible well-being.

  • What types of products do they offer?

    Mammoth offers a range of innovative sleep solutions, including mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories.

  • Are their products suitable for everyone?

    Yes, their products are designed to cater to a wide range of individuals, offering options for various preferences and needs.

  • Are their products backed by any certifications or recognition?

    Yes, Mammoth has received commendation and recognition from organisations like NHS Innovations North and the North of England Biomedicine Industry Awards.

  • Can I buy on finance?

    Yes, we have a range of finance options available including buy now with no deposit and buy now, pay later with Klarna.

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