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As the UK’s leading supplier of adjustable beds and mattresses with over 50 years of experience, Mi-Bed supplies the ultimate in luxury and powered adjustable bedroom furniture. Part of the Furmanac group, Mi-Bed products are designed with durability and comfort in mind. Buy now & get up refreshed!

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MiBed offer a luxury lifestyle on the high street and are the UK’s premier manufacturer of adjustable motorised beds. The Furmanac MiBed UK range of motion intelligent beds includes fantastic designs and low prices making them ever tempting to consumers. At Land of Beds we have a team of experts, who have first hand knowledge of the beds, who can help and advise you on MiBed electric adjustable beds and answer any questions you may have.

Each and every Furmanac MiBed is constructed to the highest quality and available in a wide selection of models and styles including heavy duty adjustable bases and a hospital adjustable bed called The Grace Healthcare High / Low Action adjustable bed which has been designed to facilitate safe and efficient care of patients post a hospital stay. Combining functionality and aesthetics the hospital adjustable bed is strong and durable enough to deal with all situations, whilst providing a comfortable environment and improved patient care. This bed is available with adjustable cot sides to provide a safe environment, within which to improve the moving and handling of patients and to ensure ease of care and safe working conditions for carers. All of their beds are made in the UK and are available in a range of sizes.

The success of the family run Furmanac MiBed Adjustable Bed, continues thanks to the fact that the MiBed mechanisms are robust, smooth and quiet with built in safety features complying with the highest of UK and European standards. The hand controls make for easy adjustment and there is an optional massage unit for ultimate luxury. The MiBed motion intelligent frame fully supports the mattress and is made with the highest quality beech finished laminated slats and have tension adjusters for lumber support or the base can have individually tuned suspension cables, called Pods, which can replace all or part of the slats.

With Furmanac MiBed adjustable electric beds you get to choose from a wide range of hand-made bases and mattresses, which are all made using both traditional methods and modern technology. There is something to suit all tasted and the 5 year guarantee means you can sleep easy knowing you have a top quality bed.

MiBed Adjustable Beds

MiBed adjustable beds come with a MiBed mattresses as well as base options, making it truly tailored to your needs. The adjustable electric bed base has a 5 part adjustable frame to adjust for your own comfort, tension slider adjusters to control lumbar support and sprung shoulder zones on selected models. There is an electric motorised system controlled by a 6 button deluxe handset and a splash-proof motor. The MiBed adjustable bed in a queen or king size option can be made either with two single mattresses or a one-piece mattress. There is an optional MiBed massage unit available which gives the ultimate massage experience with the innovative and ergonomic vibration massage system which is programmable for both vibration intensity and speed and has a 30 minute auto timer. If you buy a memory/latex/foam mattress the massage system can be built into the mattress or with a pocket sprung mattress there is an option for a special Bolt On massage system. The effects of a massage system can provide welcome relief to muscular tension, as well as a reduction in stress, aches, and pains. It can also improve blood circulation and stimulate faster healing of muscle damage, as the vibrations aid the flow of blood to and around affected areas.

MiBed Headboards

MiBed Headboards come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours so there will be something just right to suit your bedroom. You can choose to either match the headboard fabric to your décor or to the fabric of your MiBed base for a slick, streamlined look. There is a choice of bed fixing options, on wooden struts which is the most common or the luxurious and modern floor standing headboard which makes an impressive statement in your bedroom.

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