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Nectar, part of the Resident Group, crafts quality sleep goods in the UK. With over 300 years of British manufacturing expertise, Nectar has aligned all their efforts around a straightforward promise: the best sleep of your life, guaranteed! Discover the sweet spot of comfort at a price you'll love!

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Nectar - Hitting The Sweet Spot Of Comfort

A dedication to sourcing only the highest quality materials for construction, tempered with a commitment to providing only affordable pricing for luxury comfort, has cemented Nectar mattresses as a firm favourite with sleepers.

If there were any new mattress brands we were to nominate as a contender for becoming a household name over the next few years, it would be Nectar. Part of the Resident group, they have been satisfying customers with their unique take on mattresses since 2017 – and so far 300,000 sleepers have felt the benefits of their bed-in-a-box products.

All the mattresses they sell in the UK are manufactured here, yet they have many operations the world over, including the USA, where they are the country’s largest provider of rolled up mattresses. Despite only selling them in the United Kingdom for a short time, they have already rapidly climbed the ranks to become the nation’s 2nd biggest seller.

What Are Nectar Mattresses?

All Nectar mattresses are rolled up and boxed for quick transportation. These bed-in-a-box style mattresses can typically be delivered within a week, which makes them ideal for those who can’t wait a month or two for more traditional styles.

There are 2 types of Nectar mattresses: Memory Foam & Hybrid

Nectar Memory Foam Mattresses

Deliciously soft, Nectar’s memory foam mattresses provide a great cushiony feel that effortlessly supports the body by relieving pressure in the back and joints by adapting to your shape. Utilising a material developed by NASA, this mattress type is perfect for those who want to feel like they’re sinking into a deep sleep.

Nectar Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a mix of memory foam and the more traditional springs. Allowing for more movement than mattresses made entirely of memory foam, the layer of 1,600 micro springs are much more accommodating of fidgeters. You’ll enjoy the same great, supportive night’s sleep, but with the freedom to shift about more without bothering your sleeping partner.

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