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Handcrafting beds in the UK since 1924, Sleepeezee is considered one of the most highly regarded mattress and bed brands. Using the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure quality, long-lasting comfort in any sleeping position, commit now to a better, rejuvenating night’s sleep with Sleepeezee.

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Sleepeezee Collections

Sleepeezee Beautyrest Boutique

Sleepeezee Beautyrest Boutique

Immerse yourself into a premium nights sleep with The Sleepeezee Beautyrest Boutique Collection. Handmade in England by expert crafters your blissful nights sleep is just a click away.

Innovative fillings have been used in these clever designs to intensify your comfort levels and offer optimum support. Supportive springs including Sleepeezee’s own invention ‘Softech’ independently adjust to your body no matter what your body shape is for optimal support and posture throughout the night.

The springs stay grounded in the core of these ingenious designs surrounded by knowledgeable fillings from Staycool gel to help regulate body temperature, to contouring memory foam for exceptional pressure relief and encased inside a soft knit cover for soft cushioning night after night.

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Sleepeezee Centurial

Sleepeezee Centurial

Prepare to be enchanted by the Sleepeezee Centurial Collection – a collection that brings together the beauty of natural fillings, the precision of pocket springs, and the rich history of 100 years of bed-making excellence.

This stunning collection has a bed that suits all your desires. As you dive into the heart of these beauties you will find precision-engineered pocket springs designed for ultimate comfort and support, they're like a symphony orchestra, each spring playing its unique role to ensure your body is cradled in perfect harmony. These springs have been paired with the finest natural materials to create a sleep surface that feels like a cozy embrace from the Earth itself.

The Centurial Collection is a tribute to a legacy that spans a hundred years of dream weaving. Each bed in this collection is a living testament to the dedication, expertise, and passion of generations of Sleepeezee bedmakers who have tirelessly honed their craft. It's time to experience sleep the way it was meant to be – a timeless and luxurious embrace of nature, technology, and tradition.

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Sleepeezee Eco Logic

Sleepeezee Eco Logic

Enjoy great sleep that is better for our planet with The Sleepeezee Eco Logic Collection. Made from eco-friendly materials this unique collection will provide consistent pressure relief, superior comfort, and contouring support with a new sustainable way of sleeping.

Each mattress features comfort and support layers that have been made from recycled materials to create sumptuous fillings that enhance ventilation and provide comfort and support to all sleeping positions. These innovative designs all feature natural latex that has been derived from the sap of a rubber tree, latex is well known for its natural ability to provide excellent pressure relief to your body and for being hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, making them a great choice if you are looking for a hygienic sleeping surface.

If sustainability, support, and comfort are what you are looking for then your perfect sleeping sanctuary is within this incomparable collection.

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Sleepeezee Jessica

Sleepeezee Jessica

The Jessica Collection from Sleepeezee is endorsed by the European Champion, World Champion, and Olympic gold medallist, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, who is Sleepeezee's Brand Ambassador. Just like Dame Jessica, Sleepeezee understand the importance of a good night's sleep when it comes to recovering from an exhausting day. "As an athlete, sleep and rest are an integral part of any training regime, but at the heart of a good night's sleep is a well-made mattress.". The Jessica collection are all non-turn Pocket Spring mattresses and include Edge to Edge Foam Encapsulated Support, this prevents the mattress from sagging and gives both longer life to the mattress and a more supportive sleeping area. All mattresses within the collection have Platinum Breathable Fibres and a Hypo-Allergenic layer for added comfort and a healthier night's sleep.

Every design detail is meticulously checked to ensure a high quality finish and provide complete reassurance that your Sleepeezee bed will offer years of superior comfort and support.

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Sleepeezee Memory Luxe

Sleepeezee Memory Luxe

The Sleepeezee Memory Luxe Collection is the ultimate sleeping experience designed with innovative technology to improve your sleeping pattern.

Engineered with revolutionary graphite-infused memory foam these unique sleeping surfaces will allow you to stay in a deeper and longer sleep each night. Graphite memory foam is a unique cell structure that moulds to the shape of your body as soon as you descend into bed for optimum support and exceptional pressure relief. Unlike regular memory foam, this infused foam encourages heat to disperse from your body and pass away through the mattress, preventing overheating and keeping you at a comfortable temperature to warrant you to revel in a night of undisturbed sleep.

Working in conjunction with this innovative foam are contouring pocket springs that shadow your body’s movements throughout the night for enhanced support and promote a healthy sleeping posture. With two pillowtop models available for added opulence and a smooth firmer sleeping surface available you can endure a deluxe sleeping experience with The Sleepeezee Memory Luxe Collection.

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Sleepeezee Adjustable

Sleepeezee Adjustable

Sleepeezee’s range of adjustable beds incorporate a soberly and advanced engineered mechanism which allows the bed to move into a wide range of positions providing you with the perfect sleeping and sitting solution.
Using a simple handset control you can glide the bed to a position which allows you to get in and out of bed more easily, watch TV or sit and read or eat a meal, making the bed hugely versatile and perfect for the way you want to live and sleep.

This model can be offered with a special massage system built in. The effects of a massage system can provide welcome relief to muscular tension, as well as a reduction in stress, aches, and pains. It can also improve blood circulation, and stimulate faster healing of muscle damage, as the vibrations aid the flow of blood to and around affected areas. Infra-red hand controls are used for easy adjustment to activate the optional massage functions.

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Sleepeezee Campaign For Wool

Sleepeezee Campaign For Wool

The Campaign For Wool is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, HRH The Prince of Wales, in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by Wool. The Campaign For Wool Collection from Sleepeezee combines 100% Natural British Wool and supportive pocket springs for total comfort and support. The Wool used in this mattress has been awarded the Platinum Certificate and is guaranteed by the British Wool Marketing Board for its high quality and exacting standards. It is sustainable and renewable and has been cleaned without the use of bleach or chemicals and is lovingly made in England. Wool is used in this mattress as a soft and insulating upholstery layer for added comfort. Wool is a natural insulator providing coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

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Sleepeezee Cooler

Sleepeezee Cooler

Do you struggle to sleep soundly during the summer months? Or are you a hot sleeper who enjoys a breezy nights sleep with the window open? The Sleepeezee Cooler Collection has got you covered with knowledgeable creations that have been designed to offer coolness and eliminate any disruptions that are causing you to have a night of broken sleep.

These great designs feature pocket springs that have a unique shape to provide an initial softness that becomes progressively firmer as more weight is applied. The springs work individually to support each individual sleeper, no matter what your sleeping position is.

Technically advanced Staycool Gel has been expertly designed and added to these mattresses to help regulate your body temperature and offer exceptional pressure-sensitive support that immediately responds to your body shape. This innovative collection also features Sleepeezee’s TemperatureSmart technology that works continuously to conduct excess heat, helping you to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long.

Each mattress in this cooling collection has been enveloped inside a revolutionary cover from cool to the touch covers to luxuriously soft quilted covers for a dreamy nights sleep.

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Sleepeezee Hotel Beds & Mattresses

Sleepeezee Hotel Beds & Mattresses

Sleepeezee Hotel Beds & Mattresses, as used by Travelodge, are recognised and highly regarded for their craftsmanship, design and innovation, the Company has built and maintained an enviable reputation for exceptional quality and value for money.

Their Hotel Collection offers an exquisite level of style, comfort and support whilst providing an innovative and durable bedding solution for an exceptional holiday sleep experience within your own home. Sleepeezee are proud to have partnered with Travelodge to provide them with replacement beds that are deemed in the industry as the 'Rolls Royce' of beds.

Sleepeezee prides itself on traditional qualities of design and craftsmanship, and to this end every product is built to a premium standard, with every detail meticulously checked for consistent, high quality that provides complete reassurance to every customer who chooses to enjoy the superior sleep from a Sleepeezee bed and mattress.

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Sleepeezee Memory Foam

Sleepeezee Memory Foam

The Sleepeezee foam Collection has integration memory foam and ‘coolfibre’ combined in with the traditional pocketing system. Visco-elastic memory foam was originally designed by NASA to protect astronauts against the effects of G-force pressure on the body during space travel. It provides the same relief against pressure points, neck, back and spinal aches when integrated into mattresses.

Memory foam is an innovative material designed to shape itself to the contours of your body and then spring back into shape when pressure is released. Memory foam mattresses can offer valuable sleep support in a number of ways, such as enhancing circulation, equalizing pressure to relieve back problems, promote better spinal alignment, and reducing the effect of allergens for a fresher, healthier night's sleep.

To compliment the memory foam mattress, ‘coolfibre’ technology enhances each product by being an ultra-supportive yet breathable fibre with cooling, moisture control properties which helps in maintaining the body’s optimum temperature. It is also hypo allergenic. Combine these new memory technologies with our high performance, individually pocketed springs and the result is exceptional comfort, outstanding support and a fantastic sleep night after night.

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Sleepeezee Ortho

Sleepeezee Ortho

Sleepeezee has built its renowned reputation on designing and crafting premium quality, orthopaedic beds. Using firmer tension, traditional pocketed springs and luxurious natural fillings, the Ortho collection provides a choice of divans and orthopaedic mattresses which deliver the very best support for the back, neck and spine by actively maintaining optimum body posture while you sleep.

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Sleepeezee Perfectly British

Sleepeezee Perfectly British

The Perfectly British Collection from Sleepeezee showcases their commitment to British quality, goods and manufacturing. Each mattress is handmade by Sleepeezee's expert team at their factory in Kent using only the very finest materials, combining innovative designs and manufacturing techniques. From the steel for the pocket springs being forged in Barnsley to the finest wool from British sheep farmers everything is sourced from the UK. Sleepeezee are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and to using environmentally friendly, high quality materials in all their beds.

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Sleepeezee PocketGel

Sleepeezee PocketGel

The PocketGel Collection from Sleepeezee benefits from their technically advanced Staycool Gel for a pressure sensitive, edge to edge floating feeling. The Staycool Gel has thermal control qualities that will help you regulate your temperature throughout the night, preventing you from overheating and giving you a comfortable night's sleep. Staycool Gel works with the pocket springs in the mattress to adjust to your weight and body shape and actively provides relief on the body's pressure points helping to prevent both muscle and joint pains for superior comfort during the night.

Every design detail is meticulously checked to ensure a high quality finish and provide complete reassurance that your Sleepeezee bed will offer years of superior comfort and support.

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Sleepeezee Pure

Sleepeezee Pure

The Pure Collection from Sleepeezee offers a luxurious and extremely comfortable sleeping experience. All the divans and mattresses are lovingly handmade in England by Sleepeezee, who have nearly 100 years bed making experience, so its no surprise that they have got the prestigious accolade of A Royal Warranty of Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales.

All are filled with Sleepeezees finest, most luxurious blends of natural fillings including 100% Platinum Certified British wool, silk, cashmere and mohair, that work perfectly with the pocketed spring system, to provide you with unrivalled comfort and support. The mattress covers on the Pure Collection have been treated with M-Pure, a pure and natural fire retardant, which is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Instead of using the traditional chemical-based retardant, M-Pure uses natural Bio based ingredients instead, giving you a fresh and hygienic sleeping surface.

Every detail is meticulously checked to ensure a high-quality finish and provide complete reassurance that your Sleepeezee bed and mattress will offer years of superior comfort and support.

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Discover the Perfect Sleep.

Established in 1924, Sleepeezee has been dedicated to crafting the ultimate sleep experience for almost a century. As proud suppliers to the Royal Household and supporters of QEST, Macmillan charities, the British Heart Foundation, and Ellenor, they strive for excellence and quality in everything they do.

Expertly Crafted for You

Sleepeezee believes in weaving innovation with market-leading mattress designs to provide you with the perfect bed. Their wide range of high-quality mattresses and bedding products are made in Britain to their premium standards, ensuring a sumptuous sleep every night.

Supporting Local Charities

With traditional family values at their core, they support national and local charities that are close to their hearts. Over £100,000 has been donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, and they continue to aid the British Heart Foundation and Ellenor, a local hospice.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

At Sleepeezee, they prioritise sustainability and the welfare of our planet and people. Their timber suppliers are FSC certified, and they use natural materials like British wool, silk, cashmere, and horsehair in our beds. They're active supporters of the Campaign for Wool, promoting the benefits of British wool and supporting sheep farmers.

Proud Royal Warrant Holders

As holders of the Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales since 1985, Sleepeezee is recognised for the highest standards of excellence, quality, and service. They take pride in crafting beds using traditional, time-honoured techniques and top-quality materials at our factory in Rochester, Kent.

The perfect sleep you deserve

Experience the unmatched comfort of Sleepeezee, a trusted name in sleep, providing mattresses to Travelodge hotels for a truly restful and rejuvenating stay.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Are they a reputable brand?

    Yes, they are considered a reputable brand in the bedding industry. They have been in the bed business since the early 1900s and have grown into one of the leading divan bed manufacturers globally. Sleepeezee is known for its craftsmanship, innovation, and design quality. They have earned recognition and a strong reputation for delivering exceptional quality and value for money. Sleepeezee has received the prestigious Royal Warrant, which is a mark of recognition for those who have supplied goods or services to the Royal Households for at least five years. This further highlights the brand's commitment to excellence and their longstanding association with providing beds of exceptional quality. Additionally, their partnership with Travelodge, where they supply all the beds for the hotel chain, is a testament to their reputation and standing in the industry. Travelodge is known for its emphasis on comfortable accommodations, and their choice of Sleepeezee as their bed supplier further underscores the brand's reliability and quality.

  • Where are Sleepeezee products made?

    All products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The brand takes pride in ensuring the highest attention to detail and quality by keeping their manufacturing process within the UK. By maintaining control over the production process, they can uphold their standards of craftsmanship and deliver beds and mattresses that meet their customers' expectations.

  • What makes Sleepeezee products so special?

    They stand out as a brand for several reasons, making them special in the bedding industry: * Heritage and Expertise: they have been in the bed business since the early 1900s, demonstrating their extensive experience and expertise in crafting high-quality beds. With over a century of heritage, the brand has honed its skills and established a reputation for excellence. * Craftsmanship and Design Quality: Each product is built to a premium standard, and meticulous attention is given to every detail. The brand's commitment to delivering exceptional quality ensures that customers can rely on their products for long-lasting comfort and support. Range of Styles and Specifications:offering a vast range of styles, designs, and specifications in their luxury mattresses and divan beds collection, they strive to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of modern-day customers, whether they prefer contemporary or traditional bed designs. * Superior Support Systems: they incorporates advanced support systems into their beds, including pocket springs, memory foam, and innovative bed technology. These features contribute to optimal comfort and support, allowing customers to enjoy a restful night's sleep. * Use of Luxurious Materials: they utilises sumptuous natural materials like lambswool, silk, and cashmere in their mattresses. These luxurious fibres add an exquisite level of style, comfort, and indulgence to their products. * Trusted by Travelodge: Sleepeezee's commitment to quality and excellence is exemplified by their partnership with Travelodge. Sleepeezee supplies all the beds for Travelodge, a renowned hotel chain, demonstrating their reputation as a trusted provider of beds in the hospitality industry. * Royal warrant holders: Sleepeezee first received a royal warrant from her late Majesty the Queen in 1963. They then went on to receive a Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales, now King Charles, in 1985 and have held it ever since. * Committed to the Environment: as the first UK bed manufacturer to be awarded the Planet Mark accreditation, they take immense pride in its commitment to combating climate change. By collaborating with Cool Earth, an organisation dedicated to halting deforestation, and working closely with rainforest communities, Sleepeezee has made a significant contribution to the protection of an acre of rainforest. The prestigious Planet Mark accreditation acknowledges and honours organisations that demonstrate exceptional achievements and initiatives in the fight against climate change. Sleepeezee's proactive efforts in this regard have earned them this esteemed recognition. * Made in the UK: All products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. This commitment to local production ensures meticulous attention to detail and quality control, giving customers confidence in the brand's offerings. Overall, Sleepeezee's combination of heritage, craftsmanship, design quality, superior support systems, luxurious materials, and commitment to excellence sets them apart and makes them special in the bedding industry.

  • Is Sleepeezee committed to sustainability?

    Yes, they are deeply committed to making a positive impact through various sustainability efforts. They actively work towards reducing their carbon footprint and supporting initiatives aimed at decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. By responsibly sourcing materials and investing in their regeneration, they demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practises. Their dedication to making a difference reflects in their ongoing efforts to create a more environmentally conscious and responsible approach to their business operations.

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