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Emma Weighted Blankets

Experience the cosy comfort of the Emma Weighted Blanket, designed to enhance your sleep naturally. Emma weighted blankets use innovative deep pressure stimulation to create a calming effect, gently relaxing both body and mind. Effectively lowering breathing and heart rate, they can be an invaluable companion for individuals struggling with sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and everyday stressors. Emma Weighted Blanket is NBF approved and guaranteed to meet the highest UK standards. Embrace the therapeutic benefits of the Emma Weighted Blanket and embark on a journey to improved sleep quality.

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Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

EMMAHug Weighted Blanket

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Experience Enhanced Comfort with the Emma Hug

Introducing the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket, a cosy solution to naturally enhance your sleep. Made from soft and breathable cotton, it keeps you cool and comfortable year-round. With its high-quality bamboo cover, enjoy enhanced breathability and a soothing sleep environment. Easy to maintain and clean, the Emma Hug is a convenient addition to your nightly routine for better sleep ahead.

Designed to reduce stress with gentle pressure, this blanket comforts and cuddles you all night long. Its quilted microfiber layers ensure even weight distribution, offering a calming sensation. Plus, extra microfiber filling adds luxury, while fine silica glass beads ensure quiet and safe use.

This 7kg weighted blanket is suitable for individuals weighing between 55 and 80 kg (8 stone 6 and 12 stone 6). For a good night's sleep, choose an Emma weighted blanket that's 8-10% of your body weight for the best comfort and pressure relief.

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