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Weighted Blankets

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Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

EMMAHug Weighted Blanket

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Land Of Beds 4.5kg Cotton Weighted Blanket

LAND OF BEDS4.5kg Cotton Weighted Blanket

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Land Of Beds 7kg Cotton Weighted Blanket

LAND OF BEDS7kg Cotton Weighted Blanket

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FREE Delivery in 3 to 5 Days
Showing 1 to 3 of 3 Products

Weighted Blankets

Weighing much more than traditional blankets, weighted blankets, based on a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation, offer a range of therapeutic benefits, such as relieving stress and anxiety. Being a blanket, they are easily transportable, meaning you can reap the benefits of them wherever you are. The use of a weighted blanket may have subjective and objective benefits. Reducing stress and promoting calmness, the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket might help improve sleep for people with autism, anxiety, or insomnia.

We have weighted blankets available in:

  • duvet style – these blankets typically include plastic, glass beads, ball bearings or another heavy fill.
  • woven – filled using dense yarn.

Additional information

Our team of award-winning bed experts are on hand to help you make the purchase that is right for you. Give them a call today on 01928 246869 or email: Alternative. Visit one of our showrooms where a warm welcome awaits. Let us help you buy the weighted blanket of your dreams!

Questions & Answers

  • What is a weighted blanket?

    Weighted blankets are designed to be heavier than normal blankets – offering deep pressure stimulation for users.

  • What are the benefits of using a weighted blanket?

    Weighted blankets are thought to provide many benefits, namely creating a sense of security for the user (like the idea of swaddling a new-born baby). Using deep pressure stimulation can boost serotonin (feel good hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) levels, resulting in improved sleep quality. Providing comfort, weighted blankets can help to ease stress as they distribute an even amount of pressure and weight across the body. This can be particularly helpful for people with an overactive nervous system where anxiety, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and hyperactivity can all hinder a good night’s sleep. The weight of the blanket may help to relax the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the flight or fight response, reducing cortisol levels (stress hormones), thus aiding sleep.

  • How do weighted blankets work?

    Weighted blankets are designed to use deep pressure stimulation to calm your body and mind. This warm, hug like embrace triggers increased levels of serotonin to be produced (feel good hormone). This can result in your heart rate slowing down and your blood pressure reducing. The even weight distribution across your entire body, can result in calming and soothing effects on pressure points, relieving aches and pains and a reduction in cortisol levels (stress hormone). All these factors have been reported to help regulate the autonomic nervous system result in a calmer, more relaxed, deeper, and more peaceful sleep. However,

  • How do I use a weighted blanket?

    There is no right or wrong way to use a weighted blanket. What matters is whether it feels comfortable for you! Whether you use it as a blanket to wrap around yourself when sitting to keep warm and regulated or on top of you as you lie down, the choice is yours!

  • Are weighted blankets suitable for everyone?

    Weighted blankets may not work effectively for everyone, particularly if you: * Are very young, *Are pregnant, *Are elderly, *Have circulatory problems, *Have low blood pressure, * Have respiratory problems including asthma, * Are type two diabetic, *Have claustrophobia. If you are unsure whether a weighted blanket is right for you, or you fall into one of the categories above, we recommend you seek medical advice before making a purchase.

  • Are there risks when using a weighted blanket?

    It is important to know that using weighted blankets does carry some risk including: * Obstructive sleep apnoea (disrupted breathing during sleep), *Asthma (difficulty breathing at night), *Claustrophobia (potentially triggered by the weight of the blanket),

  • Is it safe to use a weighted blanket during pregnancy?

    We do not recommend using a weighted blanket when pregnant. If you do wish to, we advise seeking professional medical advice in the first instance.

  • Can children use weighted blankets?

    Before purchasing a weighted blanket for a child, we recommend seeking medical professional advice. Your health professional will be able to suggest the most suitable weight for your child. There are weighted blankets that are specifically designed for children, so it is advisable to select one from this range rather than using an adult blanket.

  • How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

    Weighted blankets come in various weights typically ranging from 8.8lbs (4kg/0.62 stone) to 26.4lbs (12kg/1.88 stone). The recommended weight is approximately 10% of your body weight (e.g., if you weigh 140lbs (10 stone/63 kg) you would ideally want a weighted blanket that is 14lbs (6kg/1 stone). Selecting a blanket with a weight of 10% of your body weight will ensure you are still able to move comfortably under the blanket while receiving just the right amount of pressure. Although weighted blankets are designed to be heavy, they should not cause you discomfort or make you feel restricted.

  • Can I sleep under a weighted blanket?

    Yes, you can sleep under a weighted blanket.

  • Do weighted blankets make you hot?

    Weighted blankets can trap heat and moisture, making a person sleep hot. However, some weighted blankets are breathable and have a heat-wicking material to keep the body cool during sleep. Our bed experts will be able to recommend further.

  • How long do weighted blankets last?

    If cared for properly, weighted blankets can last for up to five years.

  • Can two people share a weighted blanket?

    While it is technically possible for more than one person to use a weighted blanket at any one time, it is not recommended as weighted blankets are based on an individual's body weight. Therefore, what might be the correct weight for one person, might not be for the other.

  • What is the best weighted blanket for me?

    The ‘best’ weighted mattress is a personal choice with factors such as cost, size, weight, and blanket style all at play. Another consideration is whether you want something that incorporates a form of micro/nano-bead (houses individual pockets to prevent noise and weight disruption) or a more traditional style of cotton blanket (looks and feels more like a traditional blanket). Our bed experts can help recommend further.

  • Can I buy a weighted blanket on finance?

    Yes, we have a range of payment options available including buy now, pay later and no deposit, interest free credit.

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