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Simba Mattress Protectors

Simba mattress protectors keep your mattress fresh and clean. They add an extra layer of protection, increasing your mattress's lifespan. The Simba performance mattress protector goes one step further. It has 200 grammes (m2) of cushioning fill, making it extra comfortable. The breathable cotton construction allows airflow, preventing overheating. Made with super-soft 200-thread-count cotton, the protector uses Bi-Ome® technology to stop odours. This special treatment is perfect for allergy sufferers, as it prevents dust mites. The active ingredient, margosa extract, comes from a Southeast Asian plant. It is approved for use in Europe and the UK as it safely stops dust mites.

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Simba Performance Mattress Protector

SIMBA Performance Mattress Protector

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Protecting Your Sleep Investment with Simba

Mattress protectors are sometimes disregarded or confused for toppers in the realm of sleep, but they are actually crucial to having a restful night's sleep for years to come. In addition to keeping your bed sanitary and clean, mattress coverings can also somewhat increase its comfort level.

Simba mattress protectors come in all standard mattress sizes. Simply select your size from the options. With a Simba protector, you can enjoy a clean, refreshing sleep every night. Plus, the cotton is certified by the Better Cotton Foundation for ethical production.

Need a new mattress too? Land of Beds offers a range of Simba mattresses, Simba pillows and Simba duvets to complete your bedroom setup. Buy today for free delivery on orders over £100. Payment options include Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna, and interest-free finance is available.

Frequently asked Questions about Simba mattress protectors

Can you wash a Simba mattress protector?

Yes, Simba generally recommends machine washing their protectors in warm water (40°C or below) on a gentle cycle. Always check the care guide label first.

What is a Simba mattress protector?

Your mattress is physically protected with a Simba mattress protector. They can be easily taken off the bed and cleaned, usually in a home washing machine, so you don't have to worry about the mattress itself. This is in contrast to your real mattress. In addition to shielding the mattress from moisture and dust, many of them are waterproof, which is helpful in case of spills.

How do I use a Simba mattress protector?

Place the protector directly over your mattress in order to provide additional protection for your mattress. Then simply cover with bed sheets, duvets or whatever you fancy on top for a great night's sleep!

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