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Healthbeds Natural Dream Mattresses

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Healthbeds Natural Dream Mattresses at Land of Beds

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The Healthbeds Natural Dream Bed Collection is the most luxurious range within the Healthbeds brand. It combines the finest of natural fillings (wool, silk, cashmere or cotton) with the luxurious support of pocketed springs to give you the best night’s sleep possible.

lt is because of Healthbeds high standards and commitment to craftsmenship that Prince William and Duchess Kate bought not one but two Natural Choice beds from Healthbeds, one for their farmhouse in Angelsey and the other is in their home at Kensington Palace.

See the natural fillings in more depth below.

Wool is used in this mattress as a soft and insulating upholstery layer for added comfort. Wool is a natural insulator providing coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Offering superb comfort, it also has hydroscopic properties encouraging the evaporation of body moisture.

The finest silk fibres are blended into a durable insulation layer inside the mattress, providing a luxurious and supportive feel.A layer of cashmere is added to the mattress to provide levels of exquisite comfort.

Cashmere is historically regarded as the softest natural hair. A cotton layer with responsive properties that complement the spring unit is added to the mattress to help provide a comfortable feel.

The range consists of ultra count pocket springs giving you different feels from luxury gentle to luxury firm. The pocket spring system is the best at providing individual support to the sleeper. The upper layer of springs shape to the body contours while the lower layer’s absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support. As a rule of thumb the higher the number of individual springs, the more support will be provided to the sleeper.

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