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Silentnight Collections

  • Studio Collection

    Silentnight Studio Collection

    The Studio Collection from Silentnight offers a range of roll-up mattresses which do not compromise on quality or comfort. You no longer have to choose between the mattress you want and the mattress that is easy to fit into your bedroom.

    With a variety of fillings and tensions, the Studio Collection covers all bases to ensure you get the best night's sleep possible, no matter your sleeping position.

    Each Studio mattress comes with a free 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

  • Silentnight Geltex

    Silentnight Geltex

    The Geltex Collection evokes new cutting-edge technologies with sweeping, luxurious designs. Silentnight's Geltex Collection displays their newest and most advanced sleep system ever.

    An innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air permeable foam, under the brand name GELTEX® inside. This new material brings previously unknown sleeping comfort to everyone who truly appreciates the value of healthy sleep.

  • Silentnight Mattress-Now

    Silentnight Mattress-Now

    The Silentnight Mattress-Now Collection are a range of handy roll-up mattresses that have foam or memory foam to offer you individual comfort and support. These products come rolled and vacuumed packed for easy transport upstairs, through small stairways and loft spaces. Once in your room, the mattresses can be unpacked in minutes, then wait for just two hours and the mattress is ready to use. Each mattress comes with a high density Miratex foam core and a luxurious soft knit cover for a healthy night's sleep. They are all hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant for your peace of mind.

  • Silentnight Natural

    Silentnight Natural

    The Silentnight Natural Collection features layers of luxurious natural fillings that will make your new bed supportive yet extremely comfortable. The natural fibres include: Wool, Silk and Cashmere, all of which are ideal at providing soft yet durable fillings that help to regulate your temperature while supporting your body from head to toe.

  • Silentnight Latex

    Silentnight Latex

    Silentnight's Latex Collection features fantastic layers of natural latex fillings that will allow for maximum breathability, essential for removing excess heat and moisture, that will ensure you enjoy night after night of undisturbed sleep. For those who struggle with allergies, latex provides a safe option, as it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Overall, latex is a perfect choice for those looking for comfort and support.

  • Silentnight Memory

    Silentnight Memory

    The Silentnight Memory Collection features innovative material designed to shape itself to the contours of your body and then spring back into shape when pressure is released. Memory foam mattresses can offer valuable sleep support in a number of ways, such as enhancing circulation, equalizing pressure to relieve back problems, promote better spinal alignment, and reducing the effect of allergens for a fresher, healthier night's sleep.

    This memory range features Miracoil & Mirapocket springs systems with various depths of memory foam fillings. All products feature soft touch knitted luxurious fabrics and in a variety of differing tensions, making it easy to help you find your perfect bed.

  • Silentnight Eco Comfort

    Silentnight Eco Comfort

    The Silentnight Eco Comfort Collection helps you to get a revitalising sleep that won’t cost the planet or your pocket.

    All of the Eco Comfort range is made with a layer that is made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles and sustainable fibres, that are breathable and eco-friendly, to give you a fresh and purifying sleep. These fibres have been intelligently constructed to offer extra support and comfort to help you enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. No wonder their Eco Comort 1200 mattress has landed a Which? Best Buy for 5 years running!

    Silentnight have responsibly created these eco-friendly products which have been developed to help care for our environment. 



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Silentnight is the U.K.’s largest manufacturer of beds and mattresses, and one of Britain’s most trusted brands. With over 70 years’ experience, Silentnight are experts in sleep, and their high-quality beds and mattresses are in high demand. This brand is a favourite here at Land of Beds as our experts love the quality of their mattresses and the amount of research and development that goes into each and every model to provide customers with the best opportunity of getting a great night’s sleep, no matter their requirements.

Everything you need to know about Silentnight – Answered by our bed experts

Here are a few reasons as to why the UK loves Silentnight mattresses:

Famous for their duck and hippo TV adverts, Silentnight is located in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Originally founded in 1946, Silentnight is one of the most well-known brand names in Britain, thanks to Tom Clarke, who founded the company as Clarke’s Mattresses in Skipton. In 1951, the name was changed to Silentnight Ltd – a suggestion from Tom’s wife Joan. Here’s hoping she got a good bonus for her brainwave – this simple idea brought millions into the company.

Many Silentnight beds come complete with a Which Best Buy Award – a true seal of approval. Their multi-award-winning products are made in the UK and approved by the National Bed Federation.

Silentnight Divan Beds

Silentnight divan beds are made from two parts – the mattress and the specially-designed matching base. The divan is made from a wooden frame, coated in fabric. The divan is usually on casters or glides for easy movement. Inside the divan, you may opt for storage drawers, or an ottoman base, which opens on smooth hydraulics for masses of storage.

At Land of Beds, you can choose from a range of stylish and beautifully upholstered divans to compliment your room and mattress. Just like your mattress, your Silentnight bed frame can be tailored to suit all tastes, sleeping styles and room spaces. These elegant divans are ideal for both starter homes and family homes – with the major benefit of additional storage underneath.

Silentnight Bed Bases

The base of your bed is as important as the mattress. Our sturdy Silentnight bed bases are all made in Great Britain, and they are available in a range of lovely coloured fabrics, perfectly matching your bedroom and bedding.

Silentnight Headboards

Your headboard is the crowning glory of your bed, and we have quite a range of Silentnight Headboards, from sleek and smooth, to classic and traditional. Their luxury padded headboards are plump, easy on the eye, and easy on the back, especially when you’re sitting up in bed drinking a cup of tea or reading a book.

Quickfire FAQ

Can I get Silentnight beds on finance at Land of Beds?

Yes, you absolutely CAN get Silentnight beds on finance at Land of Beds, and we have a variety of interest free credit and pay monthly options to help you do so. Click through to our interest-free-credit page to play around with our Finance Calculator and see what payment options are best for you. Alter the total amount and deposit to find your preferred monthly payment option.

Phone application, online application or in store application – choose which suits you best – each only takes 10 minutes or so, and you’ll soon be on your way to owning the best price Silentnight mattress.

Are Silentnight beds good?

Of course Silentnight beds are good, otherwise we would not sell them at Land of Beds! Silentnight is one of the UK’s most popular budget mattress brands – they’re generally considered a midrange price brand, although they do have some astonishing luxury models available too.

Don’t just take our word for it, if you take a look at reviews about them on TrustPilot you’ll find hundreds of 4 and 5-star ratings. Our bed experts love Silentnight beds because of their variety and durability – they come with excellent long guarantees, very reassuring when you’re wanting to make the correct decision for buying a bed.

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