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Bed Bases

Bed Bases come in different variations so depending on the feel you are after from your bed you can buy the correct type of bed base.

Platform Top - The base features a solid wooden top which is upholstered in fabric. This type of base will provide a supportive feel to the mattress.

Padded Top - This divan provides a firmer feel with a ventilated top layer upholstered for subtle cushioning.

Sprung Base - This type of base contains springs in the top to help create a supportive feel that works in conjunction with the mattress. A sprung base can actually increase the life span of your mattress.

Wooden Sprung Slat Base - Wooden sprung slated bases work in conjunction with the mattress to provide a comfortable and support feel. The natural bounce in the slats means that they will adjust to your profile where you exert the most pressure.

Solid Slatted Base - This system has the benefit of allowing air to move below the mattress and therefore lets it breathe.

Ottoman Base - An ingenious mechanism, using gas rams, assists with opening the ottoman when accessing your stored items. As a rule of thumb, a king size ottoman divan base has 6 times more space than a 2 drawer divan!

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