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Total relaxation is what they had in mind when Airsprung created their luxury mattress and beds collection, offering the very widest array of roll-up mattresses to suit any budget. With over 140 years of experience, they have truly succeeded in becoming one of the largest bed manufacturers in the UK.

In 1871 Hedley Chapman founded a mattress factory in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, where he began to manufacture straw a palliases at the very reasonable price of 3s 6d a pair. Chapman was a firm believer in quality and value for money and as a result the company went from strength to strength. In the early 1900s as mass produced mattresses become more sophisticated, so did the processes by which they were made and a programme of modernisation was introduced which ensured that the company was always as the forefront of technology.

When the world was introduced to the interior sprung mattress in 1930 Chapman's was right there with new plant and machinery that was to make the company's name. Twenty years later that name changed to Airsprung to reflect the new designs and in over 140 years Airsprung Beds has become the cornerstone of a furniture group that employs over 600 people nationwide. But some things haven't changed, they still strive to constantly improve designs and invest in new technology and research development in order to reach their goal to provide innovative, beautiful beds at a comfortable price.

Airsprung mattresses

Airsprung believe the most important part to a mattress is the core, as it is the cores job to absorb and support the body throughout the night in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Airsprung mattresses feature a range of luxurious mattress fillings and support systems, ranging from latex and memory foam to Airsprungs own coiled spring systems. Filled with layers of natural and tradition mattress upholstery offering a perfect option for everyone.

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