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Everything you needed to know about Vispring

Established in 1901, Vi-spring is a proud British company, who create luxury handcrafted beds. The story begins at the turn of the 20th century, when an English engineer, James Marshall promised his wife the most precious gift of all – not a diamond ring, but the perfect night's sleep.

His wife was taken ill, so he created a handmade support system for her, which involved the invention of the pocket spring, a feature in all modern luxury mattresses. This innovative new bed featured coiled springs, wrapped in unbleached muslin, and was padded with quilted horsehair. Quite the upgrade from the unhygienic, uncomfortable beds of the time. Although used in car seats and furniture, springs had never been encased in pockets and integrated into a mattress before, and a legend was born.

By 1912, the fame of Vi-spring mattresses was spreading, and had attracted the prestigious cruise liner companies of the day. The Olympic was equipped with the Vispring mattresses in 1911, along with its sister ship, the Titanic. The White Star Line fitted out 39 of her suites and 350 first class cabins with the Vispring mattresses.

As time went by, Vispring gained a reputation for using only the finest natural materials – so far, only horsehair had been used, but now the range was expanded to include silk, cashmere, and Shetland wool.

In 2012, Vispring was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise. Nowadays, Vispring continues to produce the world's most luxurious mattresses, with 500 stockists in 35 countries. The company has a ceaseless quest for quality, and still respects traditional workmanship with a mattress taking days to produce, instead of hours, which is standard for cheaper brands. Their mattresses and beds have graced royal palaces, first class cruise cabins, and five-star hotels such as the Savoy.

As their name suggests, Vi spring is all about that famous spring. They produce their springs themselves, in a process that has remained virtually the same since 1901. Their springs have a balance of softness and strength, which work in harmony with your body, and your bed's sumptuous upholstery.

The springs are manufactured from finest vanadium steel and honeycombed inside natural calico pockets. And inside your incredible new Vi-spring mattress, you will also find deluxe fabrics such as bamboo, silk from China, horsehair, and even vicuña – vicuña hair is the world's rarest fabric - worth more than gold! Also, vicuñas look like exceedingly cute llamas, so that’s a double win.

Vispring Divan Beds
A Vispring mattress, partnered with a handcrafted divan base is your ultimate recipe for a dream sleep. Vispring divan beds are made from finest quality fabric and nestling inside you will find premium certified British fleece wool, horsehair, and layers of those world-famous pocket springs.

Vispring Mattresses
The deep upholstery of a Vispring mattress creates a voluptuous sensation akin to lying upon a big, plump, fluffy cloud. All those natural materials produce an exceptional loft and exquisite softness. Combine that with the patented pocket springs for a supremely responsive mattress, suited to partners of differing stature and sleeping habits.

Vispring Headboards
A noble bed needs a noble headboard to complete the boutique look. A sumptuous matching headboard will combine aesthetics with soothing support, just the thing for sitting up in bed drinking tea from fine bone china and pretending your royalty.

Vispring Mattress Protectors
A Vispring quilted cotton mattress protector will not only enhance your sleeping experience even further but will ensure that your beautiful Vispring mattress retains its luxurious condition for many years to come.

Vispring Bedstead Mattress Pad
A Bedstead Mattress Pad provides protection between your mattress and the base of your bedstead or bed frame, extending the life of your mattress and enhancing your comfort.

Vispring Pillows
Of course, Vi spring pillows are as luxurious and refined as their mattresses – choose from exotic ingredients such as European duck feather and down, Hungarian goose down, and Pirenean and duck feather and down. Every handcrafted pillow is encased in a high threadcount jacquard cotton.

Vispring 30-year guarantee for mattresses and divans.

All Vispring mattresses are covered by a lengthy 30-year guarantee. Industry standard is around 10 years – this is how convinced Vispring are of their exceptional quality and longevity.

Questions & Answers:

Do Land of Beds offer finance for Vi Spring beds?

Yes, we certainly do offer finance on Vispring beds. Breaking it down into manageable monthly payments is the easy way purchase a bed that you could not usually afford in a lump sum. We have three simple ways for you to finance your new bed. A phone application takes around 10 minutes, an online application takes around 10 minutes, as does the in-store application.

Can I pay monthly for a Vispring mattress?

Absolutely, yes, you can pay monthly for a Vispring mattress. To apply for finance, you must spend at least £250, and be at least 18 years of age. Use our simple Finance Calculator to find out how much finance you are eligible for.

Are Vispring beds and mattresses eco-friendly?

A big green thumbs up for Vispring: their mattresses and beds are eco-friendly. We love this company, because they are constantly striving to make their production and manufacturing processes ever more sustainable. Vispring get a big green thumbs up from the Green Team here at Land of Beds. As you would expect from a company with such heritage, the natural materials used come from renewable resources. They are also fully biodegradable. To minimise carbon footprint, only the purest of British fleece is used, and timber is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

What is the best Vispring bed for side sleepers?

Most of us sleep on our side, and with many mattress options available, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. So, understanding mattress firmness, structure, and filling is important. Side sleepers are best on a medium, or medium soft mattress. This will allow plenty of give, which will contour to your natural curve. Your spine will remain aligned during the night, providing maximum comfort. Side sleepers have vulnerable pressure points on hips and shoulders, which is why a softer mattress will provide more cushioning. Your body will sink slightly into the mattress, resulting in less numbness and wriggling.

How long do Vispring beds last for?

If you care for your Vispring bed, it will last a lifetime – well beyond its 30-year guarantee. Be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your bed provides you with many years of top-quality sleep:

A luxury mattress protector will not only add an extra level of comfort to your investment but will protect it from moisture and stains. We all occasionally like a cup of tea in bed, but even a few droplets can leave dubious stains on the surface of the mattress.

Do not bend or roll your mattress, turn it occasionally, and be sure to clean your bed the correct way.

Where are Vispring beds made?

Vispring beds are made from exquisite natural materials, in their Plymouth factory. Their beds are hypoallergenic, contain no chemicals, and are exquisitely breathable, thanks to the layers of moisture-repelling natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, and vicuna, our new favourite llama-type creature with fleece more valuable than food.

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