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Emma® Mattress

Emma® Mattress

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Set up in 2013 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with locations in the Philippines, Portugal, and China, Emma are a multi award winning sleep company that sold over 1.5 million mattresses in 2020.

Emma’s research & development group is a leader in sleep technology, creating innovative products that improve the quality of people’s lives, by improving the quality of their sleep. Every Emma mattress is created by a team of bed specialists using the most up to date foam technologies. All Emma mattresses are made in the UK, providing ‘British quality at its very best’ using durable and high-quality materials to produce a top-quality mattress every time.

The Emma mission is to ‘deliver a better sleep experience across the globe’. The Emma Mattress delivers optimal spinal alignment through its patented technology. Whatever your sleeping position, the Emma Mattress provides the levels of comfort and support needed for a better night’s sleep.

Land of Beds are delighted to provide the Emma® Select range. The select range provides the most advanced Emma mattresses yet. This revolutionary range offers 6 personalised mattresses to support every kind of sleeper.

How to know which Emma Mattress is best for you?

The Emma Smart - If you need an extra feeling of support the Emma Smart mattress is most likely the best option for you. The innovative technology of the HRX foam and AquaGel provide you with constant pressure alleviation by responding to your movements throughout the night. The Smart mattress uses an open-pored core to deliver a consistent hold.

The Emma Helix - For hot sleepers, the Emma Helix mattress is an excellent option. The Helix has a number of airflow channels in order to keep your body cool whilst you sleep. The Helix’s ‘infinity zoning’ combined with its advanced Fusion Helix technology allows for the highest level of pressure relief and support.

The Emma Diamond - This the perfect choice for those who need a deeper sleep for a longer period. With its pioneering core technology of graphite coating, this mattress can successfully disperse any excess body heat whilst you sleep, helping to keep you cool throughout the night. This mattress has been designed to lengthen your phase of ‘deep’ sleep, in turn leading to a more revitalizing night of sleep. The Emma Diamond has an adaptive core layer that provides a full-body pressure release.

How to know which tension level is best for you?

Firm – The Emma Firm mattresses is the perfect option for those requiring extra support and a firmer surface to sleep on. The firm mattresses use foam layers and zoning which makes them adaptable to your body.

Hybrid – The Emma Hybrid mattresses provide a medium feel by combining foam layers, zoning, and pocket springs. With Zero Motion Transfer these mattresses are a great choice for those sharing a bed.

Quickfire FAQ

Is the Emma mattress good quality?

Providing mattresses on the firmer side, Emma are a very popular, high-quality brand.

Are Emma and Simba the same mattress?

Although they may look similar, they are very different in their construction. Emma is a high-quality, totally memory foam mattress, whereas the Simba is a hybrid.

Do Emma mattresses make you sweat?

Not generally. Emma makes highly breathable mattresses that feature a cover on top with a special fibre structure that releases moisture for the perfect sleeping temperature.

Are Emma mattresses made in China?

No. Emma mattresses are made in Germany.

Do I need to rotate my Emma mattress?

It is not necessary to flip the Emma mattress, the Airgocell layer should always remain on top.

Can I sleep on my Emma mattress straight away?

If it’s being left to inflate in a well-ventilated room then your Emma mattress will be ready to sleep on within 12 hours.

Does Emma mattress get softer?

If the firmness of an Emma mattress is not to your liking, then you can adjust it with a memory foam comfort layer.

How long do Emma mattresses last?

An Emma mattress is expected to last 10 years.

What is a rolled mattress?

Delivered in a vacuum-packed, compact, cylinder package for easier, cost-effective transportation, rolled mattresses are often called ‘bed in a box’. They can be stored in their packaging for 2 months, which is great for those waiting to move home and love the convenience of ordering online and receiving a mattress more quickly than usual.

Can you sleep on a rolled mattress right away?

These mattresses need to unfurl after taking them from their packaging. Although you can sleep on them after an hour of opening, it takes them between 8 and 48 hours to fully regain its shape.

How to unpack a rolled-up mattress

This is really easy! Simply remove it from the box and place it where you need it. It will slowly start to unfurl and rise to its proper shape. Once they are taken out of the box they cannot be put back in – special machines are used to pack them.

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